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Day 2 is done. What a day it was too. We visited a lot of places and I can tell you this, bling is here to stay. You are going to be seeing plenty of rhinestones and color on everything including belts, jeans, hats, and even saddles.

I think the keyword that goes with the bling is fashion. Fashion jeans, fashions boots, fashion jewelry is what is driving this market. Every company has something to do with fashion. It’s unbelievable how many boot makers are being driven by the fashion market. Unfortunately it’s impossible to carry them all, but we are doing our best to get you the latest and greatest products at affordable prices.

You will be seeing some new boots coming from Justin based which includes more of their Bent Rail series. The Bent Rail series has been a big hit in both men’s and women’s. Here is a picture of one men’s and women’s style you’ll be seeing here in the future.

Ladies Show Tops

The clothing for ladies in the show ring seem to be continuing with all out bling and it isn’t going anywhere soon. You’ll find collars and cuffs heavy with accents along with flashy colors that will be sure to get you to stand out in the show pen. Take a look at a really neat top that will be arriving around March 1st.

All the tops that we will be getting are going to be a limited run so make sure you stop in early to get yours before they’re gone. I’ll continue leaking more of the tops on Facebook once we are back, so check our Facebook page often to see what else is coming for the show pen this spring.

Special Saddles Deal

Finally we’re working on a deal with Circle Y to house a large number of saddles during our spring Open House (March 18th, 19th, & 20th) where you’ll find incredible deals. More information to come once we have hammered out the details later this trip.

As always let us know what you think. What has you excited?