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Fall Apparel Preview

We just spent four days in Denver at our annual dealers market showcasing hundreds of manufacturers products within the Western and English industry. It’s an amazing opportunity for us to see and order the fall’s apparel and spring/summer boots all at one time. I know we are really excited for some of the items coming […]

Like Adiktd Jeans? Try Wrangler Rock 47

Have you tried the Adiktd Jeans? Do you like them? Then you should take a look at the Wrangler Rock 47 line. Wrangler’s Rock 47 jean line gives you the same great fit and comfort while getting all the fashion and bling you can desire. Here’s a look at the first of many more to […]

New Adiktd & Cowgirl Up Fashion Jeans

If your looking for the latest and greatest in western fashion jeans then look no further than Adiktd or Cowgirl Up Jeans. These jeans offer great quality and feeling with all the embellishments you could want on a jean along with a great fit. Keep in mind these jeans are meant to be able to […]

WESA Market Series: Friday

Day 2 is done. What a day it was too. We visited a lot of places and I can tell you this, bling is here to stay. You are going to be seeing plenty of rhinestones and color on everything including belts, jeans, hats, and even saddles. I think the keyword that goes with the […]

WESA Market Series: Thursday

Greetings from the WESA market in Denver, Colorado. The market officially started today at 8:00 a.m. Yesterday we arrived a little early and we were able to walk around some of the permanent show rooms. We were able to get an early previews of what is coming. The Urban Cowboy is still all over the […]

The Urban Cowboy vs. The Old West Cowboy

Image by memekode One of the biggest shifts we are seeing within the western industry is the shift to the “Urban Cowboy,” those that like the western style but live near the city.  A good indicator of this trend is the development of clothing/apparel lines and companies like Southern Thread, Wrangler’s Rock 47, PanHandle Slim’s […]