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Resistol Boots – A Focus on Classic Construction

We are excited to introduce Resistol Boots. Resistol Boots offers classic styling and construction replicating the craftsmanship Resistol has shown with their hat and clothing lines. These boots use high-quality genuine and exotic leather to create a boot that molds to your foot over time.

Resistol’s focus with these boots is to go back to “old fashioned” construction skipping the trend of adding in “extras” just to create something new. Why “fix” something that has worked for decades and isn’t broken?

Resistol’s Boot Construction

Each boot is constructed using 100% leather and includes a calfskin lining. Using calf skin allows the boot upper to breathe naturally, maintain its structure, and remain pliable.

The steel shank provides proper arch and foot support while brass and lemonwood pegs hold the shank in place. Utilizing both types of pegs allows the natural-colored leather outsole to expand and contract without allowing movement of the shank.

When throwing on a pair you may find them a bit stiff at first. This is because Resistol does not add any additional padding and cushion. Like their self-conforming hat bands, Resistol wants the boots to conform to your foot naturally. This will require a break-in period. As the boots naturally conform to your foot, you’ll find they will be the best-fitting pairs of boots you’ve ever had!

Several of the styles below are in stock and those that are currently unavailable are expected to arrive in time for the Holidays.

We also expect to have ladies’ styles sometime in 2024. We truly hope you’re as excited about these boots as we are.