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“Winter is coming.”

– Ned Stark, Game of Thrones

An all to familiar quote that is unfortunately becoming more true by the day. September marked the arrival of our Fall and Winter jackets and about a week ago we received the majority of our Turnout Blankets. You’ll find several favorites have returned this year as well as some great new options from Weatherbeeta and Noble Outfitters.

Turnout Blankets; The New and the Old

Saxon Medium Turnout Blanket
Saxon Medium Turnout Blanket

The Saxon medium turnout blanket is the most economical available at $89.95. This blanket offers a 600 denier rip stop outer shell with a 180 gram polyester fill.

A couple things of note with this blanket; compared to other blankets the 180g fill tends to be on the light side for a medium weight blanket. It also does not sit down quite as far as other blankets you’ll find on this list allowing those draftier days to let wind get up and under the blanket.

The Weatherbeeta ComfiTec Essential medium weight blanket in navy returns from last year. It was extremely popular then and is sure to be again. It features a 1200 denier rip stop outer shell and a 220g polyester fill that will keep your horse warm on all but the bitterest of cold days.

Like the Navy in every way, the Navajo adds a fun color pattern making it easy to pick your horse out amongst the other at the barn. Both blanket have extended shoulder gussets for additional movement as well as a larger drop than the Saxon blanket that was previously talked about.

Weatherbeeta ComfiTec Essential Lite Weight Turnout Blanket

Also available in the Weatherbeeta ComfiTec Essential line is the lite weight version of the navy turnout blanket. This blanket again has a 1200 denier rip stop shell but does not have any sort of insulation. It is 100% waterproof and windproof so during those cooler & wet Fall months you can keep your horse completely dry.

Pessoa Medium Weight Turnout Blanket – Clay Plaid

Next up is the medium weight Pessoa. This 1200 denier rip stop shell is sure to handle even the toughest of horses and weighs in on the lighter side with only 180g of polyester fill (putting it on the lighter side of medium weight blankets).

Guardsman 4 in 1 Turnout Blanket
Noble Outfitters Guardsman 4 in 1 Turnout Blanket

A revolution in the horse blanket industry, the new Noble Outfitters™ 4-in-1 Turnout Blanket System will change the way you think about Winter horse care. The removable and interchangeable insulation layering system consists of a 1000D ballistic polyester rip stop blanket cover and two weighted Inserts, for a total of four blanket weight combinations. Simply unzip the shell and insert up to two weights to adjust the blanket to your horse’s needs. The two insert weights provided are 150g and 250g.

The 4-in-1 Turnout Blanket is waterproof and breathable with fully taped seams. This innovative blanket features two front patent-pending 360 Quick Connect buckles on the front closure for added security on the interior of the blanket. Engineered with comfort collar and comfort withers with unique memory foam to contour and adapt to the neck for exact fit and comfort.

The Shell is ideal for cool or rainy weather. As conditions change, the Guardsman 4-in-1 Turnout System allows you to adjust the level of weather protection to keep your horse comfortable. When the temperature drops overnight, simply add an Insert to increase the warmth of the turnout. In the morning when the temperature starts to rise, quickly and easily remove the Insert. You’ll no longer need to buy, store, maintain and change multiple blankets. Save time, save money and save space with one turnout blanket that can cover all of your needs.

Keep in mind sizing is subject to availability and as the colder weather gets closer the sizes will start to disappear quickly.