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Turnout Blanket Options

“Winter is coming.” – Ned Stark, Game of Thrones An all to familiar quote that is unfortunately becoming more true by the day. September marked the arrival of our Fall and Winter jackets and about a week ago we received the majority of our Turnout Blankets. You’ll find several favorites have returned this year as […]

Turnout Blankets to keep your Horse Dry and Warm

Cold weather is approaching and if you haven’t yet thought about how to keep your horse warm and dry, you soon will be. As soon as the first real cold snap happens winter turnout blankets will be snatched up quickly, making it difficult to find every size and style shown below. Below you’ll see all […]

2016/2017 Winter Turnout Blankets

Most of our winter blanket have arrived or will be arriving shortly. We wanted to put together a quick overview of what we have available this year. Take a look below and you can click on the images for more information. Weatherbeeta Blankets The new color for this year in the Foal Blanket is the […]

Black Friday & Winter Blankets

Black Friday 2013 is almost here! Everyone’s favorite shopping “holiday” of the year is almost here, and we’ll be joining in the fray. All weekend we will have select Montana Silversmiths products marked down as much as 50%! You’ll also find select boots and two racks of men’s and women’s apparel marked down all weekend […]

Fitting your Horse’s Blanket

This post is part two of an earlier post talking about how to properly measure for a horse blanket. It was written by Christine Barakat from an old Equus Magazine. I felt that it would help everyone to understand more about how blankets should properly fit. Blanket Fitting Spot Checks When your new blanket arrives, […]

Measuring for your Horse’s Blanket

This post features an article written by Christine Barakat from an old Equus Magazine. I thought it would be a great article to share with you as winter approaches. I’ll be breaking it up into two posts. The first will show you how to measure for a blanket and the second will explain how a […]