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Why the difference in Cowboy Hat prices?

Have you noticed there can be a big disparity in price when it comes to cowboy hats? Hats at the local county fairs and concerts can be pretty inexpensive but then you visit a retailer and see the starting price on some are $200 you may begin to wonder why the big difference in price. […]

Resistol’s Ride Safe Western Helmet

Resistol Ridesafe Western Helmets are available now. For more information on Resistol Ridesafe Helmets read below or check out our product page. Cowboy hats have long been a staple of the western industry and will continue to be, however with advances in technology and research into prevention of brain injuries we’ve seen a big push […]

Caring for your Cowboy Hat

Caring for your new cowboy hat is important if you would like to keep it for years. We often have people come into the store talking about their fathers or grandfathers cowboy hat that has passed down through the generations. We want to go over three of the most important things to do with your […]

Do you want a custom cowboy hat?

Ever wondered what a cowboy hat looks like before it becomes this? Wonder no more! We recently started stocking an open crown hat from Atwood Hats. The specific hat we have does have a different band to it – your traditional felt band with buckle and tip. I’m sure many of you are thinking this […]