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Ever wondered what a cowboy hat looks like before it becomes this?

Wonder no more! We recently started stocking an open crown hat from Atwood Hats. The specific hat we have does have a different band to it – your traditional felt band with buckle and tip.

I’m sure many of you are thinking this thing looks goofy or nobody is going to wear it in the show ring. To be honest you’re right! We didn’t get it for that reason. The great thing about open crown hats, is they allow us to “block” or shape the crown to the style you’d like. Also the brim is 5″ rather than the standard 4″. This too will allow us to customize the brim to the shape and size you would like.

Don’t be frightened and think this is the way all hats are going to start coming, even though years ago that was the case. We will continue to stock hats as you saw in the first image at all times. We decided to have an open crown hat due to the number of requests we are getting for lower crowns and different shaped crowns. This will allow us to accommodate those needs for anyone.

John will custom shape each hat so that you can get the exact hat you want. You can base the crown off something we have in stock or if you see something on-line bring in a picture and we’ll do our best to shape it like the picture.

So there you have it. A way to get your very own “custom” hat. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.