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See everywhere with Hyndsight Vision. Hyndsight Vision provides you peace of mind wherever you go. It allows you to have a constant eye on our horse or family; whether at home or on the go you’ll always have 20/20 vision of what is going on.

Hyndsight Vision Logo

What is Hyndsight Vision?

Hyndsight is a portable wireless video monitoring system that can be mounted to several different surfaces. All of the cameras and monitors are water resistant and attach to several mount types with a sturdy 1/4″ – 20 thread stud. Most mounts offer several joints for adjustments, creating the perfect viewing angles for whatever you’re needing to keep an eye on.

Every camera and monitor operate via battery that can last anywhere from 4-8 hours. In each case you’ll find an included USB wall charger. If you require a longer charge, external battery packs can be purchased separately. Hard wiring kits and permanent mounts are also available. The hard wiring kits allow you to plug a USB cable into the charging port and have a constant charge, while permanent mounts are perfect for those locations you know you’ll always want to be watching.

Each camera and monitor includes an antenna allowing them to function up to 1/3 miles away (direct line of sight) – no bluetooth, no WiFi signal needed. Even better, you can pair up to four different cameras to a single monitor. (Below you can see what the monitor and camera looks like in box)

Hyndsight Camera and Monitor

Why Hyndsight Vision?

Hyndsight gives you an ever present set of eyes wherever you go. Being truly wireless makes Hyndsight perfect for taking from the barn to the trailer to the horse show.

You can find other “wireless” camera systems out there. However very few are truly wireless. As you can see in the video below, you can use the monitor a way to watch kids in the pool. It can be used as a back up system with your trailer, or as an every present set of eyes inside the trailer on a long haul.

Hyndsight is perfect for taking it anywhere you go. It’s revolutionary and is going to provide you the peace of mind of seeing where you cannot always be.