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Why the difference in Cowboy Hat prices?

Have you noticed there can be a big disparity in price when it comes to cowboy hats? Hats at the local county fairs and concerts can be pretty inexpensive but then you visit a retailer and see the starting price on some are $200 you may begin to wonder why the big difference in price. […]

Caring for your Cowboy Hat

Caring for your new cowboy hat is important if you would like to keep it for years. We often have people come into the store talking about their fathers or grandfathers cowboy hat that has passed down through the generations. We want to go over three of the most important things to do with your […]

Taking Care of Your Boots

Your boots are an important part of your life. You ride in them. You clean stalls in them. You work in them. You wear them everyday. Life can be hard on boots no matter your profession, which makes taking care of your boots very important so they can last as long as possible. Our Favorite […]

Ariat Freedom Collection

The brand new Freedom Collection from Ariat features a selection of men’s, women’s, and children’s western boots detailed with military themed stitching and digital camo print lining all to honor the men and women of our military. With each purchase of these Ariat boots, Ariat will donate a portion of the proceeds to Path International […]

Retired Breyer Products for 2013

Breyer has just released a list of horses that will no longer be available come January 2013. We’ve crossed off the Breyers we no longer have in-stock and included the original list so you can make sure to grab any of those we are missing. You’ll want to grab these Breyers you’ve been eying before […]

Fashion Cowboy Boots on the Rise

Cowboy boots are no longer just for cowboys. We’ve seen a huge increase in western fashion boot for ladies and men over the last year. Even celebrities are getting in on the action like Lady Gaga as you can see below. Although Lady Gaga’s boots are made by Tony Lama, you won’t find anything quite […]

New Display for Western Saddles

We’ve recently made some changes here in the store by adding new displays for our western saddles. These displays make it easier to view of our new western saddles. We can easily house 40 plus new western saddles and have a great area for you to sit in the new saddles while working with our […]

New Items In-Stock

Find new items for kids, men, and women below in the slide show and our website. As well let us know what you think of them! [slideshow]

Weaver Leather’s Smart Cinch

Cinch up right the first time with the exclusive Smart Cinch Easily and humanely cinch up a horse more securely the first time, every time with the Smart Cinch® from Weaver Leather. Featuring the exclusive, patented Roll Snug® Cinch Buckle, the Smart Cinch® makes cinching up almost effortless. Unlike a conventional cinch buckle, the Roll […]