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Your boots are an important part of your life. You ride in them. You clean stalls in them. You work in them. You wear them everyday. Life can be hard on boots no matter your profession, which makes taking care of your boots very important so they can last as long as possible.

Our Favorite Boot Care Products

There are all sorts of boot, shoe, and leather cleaners out there and we sell a variety of different ones in the store. However we typically recommend Bick 4 over anything else when it comes to caring for your boots, especially if your boots are a light color you don’t want to change. Bick 4 is specially formulated to not change the color of your boots while polishing, conditioning, and lightly cleaning your boots.

If you find your boots typically need a heavier cleaning then Bick 1 is your best. Bick 1 is Bickmore’s toughest cleaner, removing heavy dirt and years of wear. It’s recommended after using Bick 1 to then use Bick 4 to condition your boots so they do not dry out.

Of course we always recommend Bickmore’s Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent. It is a non-silicon based water repellent, allowing the leather of the boots to continue to breath yet keeping your feet dry. It doesn’t have to be applied heavily as a light spraying of your boots will protect them for months at a time. It also is non-darkening like all of the Bickmore products mentioned so far.

If applying two or three products is to many then maybe Leather CPR is the right product for you. Leather CPR is an all in one conditioner and cleaner. It does a tremendous job at giving aged leather a new life and can be used on just about any leather product from boots to leather couches to leather jackets. It’s extremely versatile and worth every penny.

Another popular conditioner is Blackrock. Like Bick 4 its colorless and works on any colored leather providing a beautiful shine while nourishing, softening, and preserving the leather.

Finally there is Mink Oil. Another favorite, but be warned as Mink Oil has a tendency to darken most leathers as it softens and restores oils. It’s also a natural waterproofer making it a great all in one product.

Applying any of the above conditioners usually require 10-15 minutes at the most, a little elbow grease, and an old cloth. By spending the 10-15 minutes a couple times a year cleaning your boot, your boots could last you 10-15 years.