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We are proud to announce Al-Bar Ranch now carries Brute Ropes!

Brute Ropes Display

What are Brute Ropes you ask?

Brute Ropes are “professional grade training ropes” designed and manufactured by Paul Lynch. Brute Ropes differ from your standard lead and lunge line as they are made from polyester rather than nylon. This difference allows the rope to not “bite” as it slides through your hand when training your horse.

Secondly, Brute Ropes use a hollow braid.  The hollow braid keeps the ropes from “locking up” by allowing a slight give when your horse pulls back. Even if the rope were to “lock up” it is unlikely to break as the 1/2″ diameter rope has an 8000lb test weight.

And the most impressive features of the ropes are it’s lightweight nature and the “action”. What I mean by “action” can be noticed the most with the lunge line. A light flick of the wrist and the Brute Rope lunge line will create motion all the way to the horse allowing for easy cues and instructions.

What kind of ropes are available?

We have several options available. We have the traditional Brute Rope leads (1/2″ rope and trigger snap) as well as their Big Brute lead (heavier 5/8″ rope and bull snap).

Also available is their 3/8″ 20ft lunge line and their 1/2″ 25ft lunge line. We believe you’ll see a huge difference between this lunge line compared to traditional nylon and cotton lunge lines. As mentioned earlier, the cues you give your horse when lunging with these lines will quickly get you the responses you want.

You’ll be able to see and feel the lightweight and softness of the roping and split reins. Several options in trailer ties, both long and short, are available. Finally you’ll be able to check out Brute Ropes portable cross ties which can be utilized just about anywhere.

We’d love to talk with you about Brute Ropes and even give you a quick demonstration next time you’re in the store.