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Professional’s Choice is at it again – updating their popular Sports Medicine Boots. 2XCool Sports Medicine Boots offer revolutionary new technology replacing Professional’s Choice VenTech technology.

The new 2XCool boots are powered by “brrr – a technologically advanced textile that combines natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a ‘Triple Chill Effect’ that instantly and continuously draws away heat and moisture.”

2XCool Sports Medicine boots are neoprene-free, lightweight, breathable, and offer the same support and 4-way stretch other SMBs are known for.

Starting today you can find two New Limited Edition 4-Pack Boots available for pre-order on our website. The new 2XCool boots are scheduled to ship in May from Professional’s Choice.

The first Limited Edition Color Option is Dragonscale:

Professional’s Choice 2XCool SMB – Dragonscale

The Dragonscale color option features purple trim with a “scaly” pattern of purple, blue, and green hues.

The second Limited Edition Color Option is Santiago:

Professional’s Choice 2XCool SMB – Santiago

The Santiago color option features black trim with a western serape themed print of orange, blue, and red colors.

Both color options are available in a 4-Pack so you’re ready to go and can look your best when performing at your highest level.

*A quick note for Pre-orders. Pre-orders are charged at the time of purchase and are shipped once items have arrived. These boots are expected in May from Professional’s Choice. If ordering other items with a Pre-order the entire order will be held until all items are available to ship.