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Day 3 brings about the final blog in the series from Denver with a final wrap up coming next week. In next weeks blog you’ll find some announcements of new companies and items coming. We’ll even try giving you tentative ship dates so you can makes sure you arrive early to get these new items before they are gone.

Additional Thoughts on Show Clothing

I know that we talked earlier this series about show clothing but I wanted to add a little more to it after seeing Hobby Horse Show Clothing yesterday. Hobby Horse showed us that there is no true “hot” color for the show pen this year, but I would say that bright colors with lots of shimmer and glitz is definitely a big. As I said before you are going to see heavy accents on both collars and cuffs, as it was present on every top from Hobby Horse.

There are even rumors going around that many people are going back to basics with simple solid colors in the show ring. You’ll find some solid bright colors coming in from Texas Cotton to give you a very simple yet crisp clean look for the show ring at a very affordable price.

Growing Trends

A trend that seems to be growing is rubber boots. This trend is quite strange to us but we are seeing lots of companies that have rubber boots with prints right on them. We offer quite a few of Smoky Mountain Boots for children and they are one of the leading companies pushing the rubber boots. They offer two styles; your traditional rubber boot and a western style rubber boot. Take a look at some of these photos of the boots they carry.

What are your thoughts on the rubber boots? Any of them really stand out to you?

This wraps up our trip to Denver. As I said earlier check back next week early for a wrap up of the WESA market in Denver. I’ll be highlighting a lot of new things that will be coming and telling you when it will approximately will arrive.