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Breyer recently offered another buy in of these two limited edition horses. We have another limited quantity of these two horses available for purchase. (Approximately 5 of each)

To order one you can visit the Sahran page or the Night Mare page and purchase them there or give us a call.

Original Post:

Grow your collection of Breyer horses with these limited edition Breyer flagship store only pieces.

Night Mare (Sold Out) – is a special edition Halloween type horse that comes alive in the dark. This otherworldly mare is a restless spirit among ghouls and gargoyles and other creatures of the night. Only 3,500 pieces made.

Sahran (Sold Out) – is a celebration of one of the worlds oldest breed of horses, Arabians. This beautiful grey Arabian is a new sculpture by Bridgitte Eberl. Only 3,000 pieces made.

Both horses are available for purchase now but are limited in quantity. Once we have sold out we will not be able to get more.