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Winter Clearance at Al-Bar

We just spent some time in Denver at an annual dealers show looking at and ordering several new items that will be arriving throughout the year! We will be showcasing several of these items in a later post; today we want to focus on what’s currently marked down in the store to get ready for […]

Black Friday & Winter Blankets

Black Friday 2013 is almost here! Everyone’s favorite shopping “holiday” of the year is almost here, and we’ll be joining in the fray. All weekend we will have select Montana Silversmiths products marked down as much as 50%! You’ll also find select boots and two racks of men’s and women’s apparel marked down all weekend […]

Elmer Has Been put out to Pasture

For ten plus years Elmer has been bringing you little memorable moments, with all his different little quirks. Unfortunately Elmer won’t be learning any more tricks or quirks as he has been retired. We’re sad to see Montana Silversmiths put Elmer out to pasture but they believe he has lived a good life. Montana Silversmiths […]