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Add to your collection of Breyer Horses with two new Limited Edition Breyers; Spectrum and Raia.

You may now pre-order these two beautiful horses through our website. Please keep in mind you will be charged at the time of order and these horses will be shipped once they arrive. If ordering multiple items, all items will be held until everything is ready to ship.

Both horses are expected to arrived sometime in September. Quantities for both horses are limited and cannot be re-order after our initial allotment has been received.


Breyer Spectrum Limited Edition Horse – Sold Out

Appaloosas are known for their uniquely-spotted coats that turn heads wherever they go. With her colorful spots, this gal will surely give a few onlookers whiplash!

Spectrum is a stunning rainbow Appaloosa decorator model. She gets her name from the visible light spectrum seen by the human eye, which was first demonstrated by Sir Isaac Newton. He showed that when white light is refracted through a prism, it splits into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet colors – creating the beautiful rainbow we’re all familiar with.

True to her name, Spectrum’s coat features all the colors of the rainbow, which are made even more stunning by her large white blanket dotted with colorful spots. A high-gloss finish provides a perfect final touch to her colorful look.

Breyer’s Spectrum description

Spectrum is Sold Out


Breyer Raia Brick and Mortar Horse – Sold Out

Arabians are not only beloved for their amazing speed and endurance, but also for their beauty. They possess elegantly arched necks, high tail carriage, dished faces, and prominent eyes that show their intelligence. It comes as no surprise that this breed has attracted a following, including endurance riders, English and Western competitors, and the likes of Alexander the Great and George Washington!

Breyer’s Raia Description

Raia is Sold Out