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If you’ve got old boots lying around, like the ones above, then you have “free” money to put toward a new pair of cowboy boots during our annual Boot Trade-In Sale, starting April 12th and running through April 30th, 2019. When you trade in a pair of old boots of any style and/or condition you will receive $25 off a pair of new boots priced $120 and up or $10 off any pair of boots under $120 (before taxes).

If you don’t have boots to trade-in receive 10% off any new pair of boots when purchased in store or online. For online purchases use the coupon code:  2019BootTradeIn

This is a once a year opportunity for you to save on all the newest spring and summer boot styles that are arriving! You’ll find over 1500 pairs of boots in-stock from companies like Ariat, Justin, Laredo, Corral, and Double H. Throughout the trade-in event you can use the discount toward new, marked down, or special order boots. This is your only chance during the year to receive an additional discount on marked down boots.

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Boot Trade-In DetailsWhen you trade in a pair of boots you will receive $25 off a pair of new boots priced at $120 and up. If the boots are under $120, you’ll receive $10 off the boots, including all children’s boots. Boots must be traded in to receive this offer. No exceptions. Offer does not provide cash back. This offer can be applied toward multiple boots. (For example: if you want to purchase three pairs of boots you can get $25 off each pair as long as you trade-in three different pairs of used boots.) The discount is limited to $25 or $10 on each pair you purchase.