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Each month we’ll try and review at least one product in the store. This month our focus is on the new Retro Jean from Wrangler the 77MWZRW. It just came in last week and is a new color in Wrangler’s #77 and Retro line.


This jean from Wrangler has quickly become one of our top selling jean styles for men and is personally one of my favorites. I’ve had the earlier versions of this jean in the Blue Frost and Worn In and liked them both. 
The color of the River Wash is slightly darker than the Worn In, which is more a true blue, allowing it to match with almost any color shirt available.  Bright and light colors tend to pop while darker colors are complimented.  The River Wash almost has a “dirty” look to it with the worn look around the back pockets and thighs. 
The denim itself is slightly heavier than either the Blue Frost or Worn In styles that came before. Although this may seem like a con, it actually feels much more natural and wears better because of it. The original #77 jeans in the retro line were much thinner and I felt could wear out too fast. This jean feels like it will last much longer and hold up to more abuse than its predecessors. 
As for the fit, this jean has a natural feel to it. It has a slight low rise to it, with a boot cut feel. It’s slimmer through the legs and slightly flares at the bottom to be wide enough to fit over and give a nice look with a pair of boots.

I personally would highly recommend this jean as it is extremely comfortable and has an overall great fit.