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Update #2 (9/20/19)

Khalid is now sold out. Lightning Ridge is still available.

Update (9/18/19)

Khalid and Lightning Ridge have both arrived. We still have a few available of each and will continue to fulfill orders until we are sold out!

Original Post (Below)

Below you’ll find three new Breyer Limited Edition models. These models are limited in quantity and once they are gone they will not be restocked.

The first two models, Lightning Ridge and Kahlid, are both expected sometime this month, September. Both horses can be pre-ordered via our website and you can find them by clicking on the picture of the horse or by clicking on the link below the picture. Please note pre-order will be charged at the moment of checkout and will be shipped once the models have arrived. All pre-orders will ship complete, meaning if multiple items are ordered we will ship everything at one time.

Lightning Ridge

Breyer Lightning Ridge Limited Edition Horse

Opals are unique gemstones that can be found in many colors. Each opal contains an infinite number of iridescent colors and patterns. Some are bold while others are more subtle, only showing their brilliance with movement or changes in lighting.

Perhaps the most unique of the opal family, the black opal has a darker base hue that highlights its other colors, with red being the most valued. Some of the most coveted black opals hail from mines in Lightning Ridge, a town in New South Wales, Australia.

Our decorator model, Lightning Ridge, was inspired by the Black Lightning Ridge Opal. He features a turquoise undercoat, with layers of maroon, red, and gold metallic. With a high gloss finish, Lightning Ridge’s coat mimics the look of a black opal, and is gorgeous from every angle.

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Breyer Kahlid Brick and Mortar Limited Edition Horse

The Barb is native to the Barbary states of North Africa. Barbs are known for their willing temperaments that are paired with hardiness, endurance, and speed. In fact, because of these desirable traits, the Barb was likely the mount used by the Moors for their invasion of Spain.

Muscular with a medium build, these light riding horses have a lower tail set and have longer hair around their fetlocks. Higher withers and a powerful front end speak to the breed’s sprinting ability, so it’s no surprise that Barb bloodlines were used in developing racing breeds like the Quarter Horse, Standardbred, and Thoroughbred.

Khalid has a dun sabino pinto coat, complete with a subtle dorsal stripe and leg barring. His coat has a light pearly sheen, mimicking the slightly metallic luster many Barbs have to their coats.

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The third model Samhain is 2019’s Halloween Horse which is now in-stock and available for purchase. Please note if you combine Samhain with any of the pre-orders it will be held until the pre-orders arrive and sent in one package.


Breyer 2019 Fall Halloween Horse Samhain

Nothing says Halloween quite like the sights and sounds of an autumn farm after dark! Amidst the black fencing on Samhain’s sides are cornstalks, pumpkins, eerie ghosts, and the rising moon. When the lights go out, Samhain won’t leave you in the dark: the clear areas of her coat glow! Her spooky appearance is accented with metallic gold and copper, shimmery orange, and the deep black of night.

Samhain’s name is a nod to Halloween’s Gaelic roots. Celebrated from October 31 to November 1st, Samhain marked the end of the fall harvest season and the beginning of winter – the darkest time of the year. Some believed that the line between this world and otherworld was thinnest during this time, which allowed spirits to cross and mingle with the living.

A limited edition of 3000 pieces.

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