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A few of you may have noticed our parking lot our parking lot is a bit torn up… ok a bit is an understatement. We thought it was going to be done in small sections, it’s turned out they were tearing up the entire parking lot.

We would have given you a heads up earlier if we knew it was going to be as torn up as it has been. Unfortunately this has made parking a bit difficult. There are two options for you and either is fine.

First you can parking in the grass just North of the store (the area right next to the parking lot). The second option is you can park back by the barns by going to the second drive just South of the yellow house. If you do park by the barns we ask that you just be conscious of the work crew as you make your way to the store.

All of this will make for a nicer parking lot that will be ready for our Fall Sale at the end of September. Thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this presents.