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If you haven’t taken a look at our website recently, www.al-bar.com, you might want to take a look again. We’ve recently made some big changes in the navigation of our website. We believe it should make navigation simpler and more user friendly.

We quickly wanted to highlight some of the changes that have occurred.

Less Categories

You’ll find less “main” categories than before. There were approximately 30 categories to choose from when you first clicked on the products page, which is daunting when looking for something. As of right now most of the categories are still there as we transition but will be disappearing in the next few days. You’ll soon find that we will have less than 15 categories to choose from.


You’ll also find that when you click on a category there will be pictures displayed for all of the subcategories above the products. (See image below)

Each on of those images at the top of the page are clickable and will take you to that subcategory. You can navigate with these clickable images or by using the navigation on the side. Both will take you to the same page.

Take Some Time and Explore

We hope you find these changes to be beneficial to your experience on al-bar.com. One of the best ways to learn though is to spend some time exploring. As well give us some feed back. If you like the new navigation let us know. If you don’t like let us know that too and how you think we can make it better.

Finally we will continue to add new products to the site as always. Continually check back to see what we have as new items are being added daily.

Other Changes

As well we have other changes/additions planned in order to enhance the site, but we can’t reveal them quite yet. As those things happen we will keep you informed.

As we said earlier feel free to leave us your thoughts below in the comments about the new navigation or on Facebook.