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It’s a question I am often asked when helping someone who is purchasing new boots. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s their first or hundredth pair of boots. Inevitably people want to know what are the most comfortable boots. So without further ado.

The most comfortable boots are…

OK, sorry I can’t make it that easy! I’m sure you were hoping I’d say something like – “__________ companies boots are the most comfortable.” or “Avoid ___________ companies boots.”!

And I’m sure companies like Ariat would love for me to say Ariat boots are the most comfortable, or Justin would like for me to say Justin boots are the most comfortable, and so on with Laredo and Dan Post and Durango and Corral and Los Altos. The list could go on and on.

But here is the thing, you’re asking a very subjective question! A question that will elicit several different answers based on who you ask. Unfortunately you’re asking the wrong question.

Why is it the wrong question? It’s because…

Every boot is different, just as every person is different. We are all uniquely shaped (including our feet) and each boot is uniquely built.

When companies build boots they start with what is called a last. A last is like a mold of a foot. It’s a solid mold that companies use to wrap the leather around and each company builds their own unique last for each size and width!

Tony Lama boot lasts and worker. Designing comfortable boots.
You can see the boot lasts on the right side of the picture. This Tony Lama employee will be using those lasts to give shape to the ostrich leather in his hand making a hand crafted Tony Lama boot.

Because each of these lasts are unique, each boot you try on is going to feel slightly different, especially between companies! And because your foot is different than mine, you’re very likely to find a company or several that fit you well (comfortably). Those companies lasts are more than likely better shaped to fit your foot and may not fit mine.

This is why when you come visit us at Al-Bar we always want you to try on several new boots. As you try boots on you’ll quickly begin to get a feel for what is and isn’t comfortable and what companies you like and don’t like.

You’ll know when you’ve found the right pair of boots because they’ll fit comfortably. It’s possible you may have too many to choose from or it might be that one pair fits perfectly and doesn’t matter that there are not more options because it’s the best fitting boot you’ve ever tried on. So really …

The most comfortable comes down to you, and what fits you the best! But could I give an answer?

Definitely, I could say one company is more comfortable but those are my experiences. But I don’t want to sway you toward something you may not find comfortable. However I can always point you toward what others tend to find comfortable or what I tend to wear. In the end you may completely disagree and I’m OK with that and you should be too!

Because throughout the whole process I will provide several different options for you to try and let you decide which one fits best, as ultimately you’ll know when you find the right one.

(By the way I own several different companies’ boots and find all that I own comfortable. Though if I had to narrow it down I’d say I tend to gravitate toward the USA made Justin boots. I can almost always grab a pair right out of the box and wear them without much break-in time.)