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The Holidays are just around the corner and we all know the strain that can put on your budget, but there is no need to fret. We offer layaway at Al-Bar Ranch.

It’s something we offer year round, not just during the holidays. The layaway policy consists of 25% down with 90 days to pay off the remainder on your balance. It’s a way for you to slowly pay on the items you want for family members, your horse(s), or friends any time of the year and during the holidays as well.

What makes our layaway policy even better is that there isn’t a limit as to what you can be placed on layaway. You can put both new and used saddles on it, that pair of ostrich skin boots you’ve been eyeing, or anything else you’ve been dreaming of. The possibilities are endless…

As always if you’ve got questions let us know and we’ll respond.