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Over the years I have heard people talk about how their cowboy boots fit like a glove and that they were the most comfortable shoe or boot they have ever had.

So how do you find a fit like that? It come down to taking your time, trying boots on, and a few key tips that I’ve learned over the years.

First is to remember boots from different companies will vary slightly in fit and size for both men’s and women’s boots. You might be in a size 8 from Tony Lama and an 8 1/2 from Ariat. Each manufacturer will vary slightly in how a boot fits and feels. Keep in mind that just because one boot fits your friend well doesn’t guarantee that the same company will fit you well. We all have feet that are built a little different. You can’t be afraid to try different manufacturers.

Second, remember that some companies offer different widths in their boots. Although cowboy boots naturally fit more snug than a pair of tennis shoes you want to make sure that you can still pinch or move the leather across the ball of your foot. If you cannot do this then you should ask about a wider width in that particular boot.

The third, and probably the most important thing to remember when trying on boots is that you want about a 1/2 inch of slippage in the heel as you walk. This prevents the boots from rubbing against your heel and causing blisters or sores. The slippage that is there will eventually disappear as the leather across the toe box wears.