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What is your first thought when you see or hear that a product is made in China?
Take a minute and think about it . . . 
Ok, times up. My first guess would be that you thought JUNK (am I right?). 
We’ve all bought an item that was made in China and in turn seen it fall apart after only a few uses. 
Are Good Products from China Possible?
First, there is a lot of junk that comes from China! I will definitely say that. But just because there is a lot of junk doesn’t mean there isn’t anything good. 
A few companies that are well known within our store have products made in China. Ariat, Justin, and Tony Lama are just a few. 
Yes, Ariat boots are made in China. Yet many know that Ariat boots are good quality boots that offer comfort and protection. Hundreds of professional horseman athletes trust Ariat boots to their feet everyday. Each Ariat boot has a cushion insole, and with each cushion insole there is one of three foot bed support systems (4LR, ATS, or Cobalt Quantum) built into the boot. Each foot bed support system is designed to ad more comfort and quality to each boot. You’ll also find the upper is all leather, while many other companies use man made materials for their uppers.  
The reason that their boots, even though they are made in China, have a good quality to them is because Ariat’s sets a standard for all of their boots. They know how their boots should feel, they know what their boots should look like, and they know what quality their boots should be. If a boot isn’t of that quality they will not produce it. 
If you don’t believe me try a pair on and see for yourself. I’m pretty sure that if no one ever told you Ariat boots were made in China you’d be none the wiser if you just tried them on. Stop by next time your in our part of town and try a pair on. They may not change your mind about the issues that come with sending jobs over seas but you may find that at least something good can come out of China.
Last but not least Ariat wasn’t the first to send their manufacturing overseas nor will they be the last. Some other companies that are following suit and manufacturing select styles of quality boots overseas are:
  • Justin with their Stampede Collection 
  • Tony Lama with thier 3R Series. 

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below, and don’t worry I’ll get back to you on your thoughts.