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Update 2: Patriot is here! Those of you who have Pre-Ordered should be contacted soon with either tracking numbers or any other information we need from you. If you are still wanting to purchase a Patriot horse we do have a few left for purchase. Keep in mind quantities are limited and we will not be receiving any more.

Finally if you are interested we also just received Toro, a flagship model from Breyer. You can find out more about Toro here.

Update: We are still waiting on this horse. Breyer’s time line for April delivery appears to be a bit off. As soon as we see the horse we will post another update saying it is here! Breyer Patriot Limited Edition Horse

Coming soon! Breyer’s Patriot horse is a clear plastic horse with a patriotic theme of Red, White, and Blue with stars throughout the body of the model. Breyer’s description reads as follows:

On July 4, 1776, the American colonies celebrated their new-found independence from the British Empire. In celebration of Independence Day 2016, the master artists at Breyer have created a unique and beautiful decorative model in honor of the 240th anniversary of the first Independence Day! Taking his name from the brave American colonists who fought in the Revolutionary War against the British, Patriot is festively decorated in the colors of the American flag, complete with stars along his flanks and on his face. Not only is Patriot’s color symbolic of America, but his breed is too! The American Saddlebred is one of the nation’s first unique breeds of horse. Called the “American Horse” during the time of the American Revolution, the Saddlebred became popular mount for everyone from farmers to pioneers, and was the horse of choice for war generals Robert E. Lee (Traveller) and Ulysses S. Grant (Cincinatti)!

Breyer is wasting no time in making this horse available. We were recently told it should be available mid-April but the run on these horses are limited to 3000 pieces. We are offering a pre-order for this horse but are limited to 8 horses. Once these are gone we will not be able to fulfill any other orders. Price is $59.99.

If interested in pre-ordering Patriot please call us our contact us through our website.