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Breyer Ichabod Halloween Horse 1747

This is Breyer’s 2015 Halloween horse Ichabod. We have a limited quantity available for purchase and will not be able to get more when out. The story of Ichabod is as follows:

Every year on October 31st, Ichabod the Halloween stallion emerges from the darkest shadows of the night and takes form. Waiting until the evening is at its darkest, he breaks into a wild gallop through the eerie night, daring the lingering ghosts to try and ride him! Appearing out of the haunted air, the ghost try to grasp his mane and swing onto his back as he runs on soundless hooes. Many have tried, but non will ever succeed in riding him. As a reminder of this, Ichabod’s coat is spotted with the faces of all the ghosts – mischievous, spooky, fearless or friendly – who have tried to tame him and failed!

Looking lke a bit of a ghost himself, Ichabod’s black appaloosa coat is shrouded by a larger, white blanket that is dotted with black skulls. His white markings glow in the dark, making the skulls on his blanket come alive for all to see! This glowing black stallion continues his wild flight every Halloween!

To purchase Ichabod you can click on the image above or the following link. Ichabod is a black and white Appaloosa with a “skull” blanket and cost $59.99.