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This years Breyer Holiday horse is Minstrel and is 23rd in a collectible series. You’ll find “Minstrel 2019” painted onto the bottom of this unique Holiday Horse from Breyer. Minstrel’s mask calls out the idea of a Masquerade and a “minstrel” who is performing to entertain guests.

Breyer Minstrel 2019 Holiday Horse

Every proper masquerade ball has an excellent band, and Minstrel is here to keep the guests dancing all night long! His silver bay coat is adorned with ornate masquerade attire. From his mysterious golden mask to the crystals dangling around his neck, he is the picture of holiday festivity! His faux-fur trimmed blanket has a pouch for his instruments, and his costuming is bedecked with tassels, beads, and holly. All eyes are sure to be on Minstrel as he takes the stage with his band!

From Breyer Website

Besides Minstrel there are other great Breyer Holiday ornaments to pick up. Below you’ll find several different ornaments which include a Unicorn, a Norwegian Fjord, and even a musical snow globe.

Minstrel Stirrup Ornament
Plume Carousel Ornament
“Pony for Christmas” Ornament
Majesty Unicorn Ornament
Artist Signature Spanish Horses Ornament
Norwegian Fjord Ornament
Merry Meadows Musical Snow Globe

All of these options from Breyer are limited in quantities and are sure to disappear before the Holidays are over. Get yours now before they disappear!