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Each year trends in the show pen change and this year is no different. Toward the middle of January we got a chance to get our first look at what companies like Hobby Horse and Royal Highness are producing for the year.

Both show strong indications that vests and shirt combinations are back and in a big way. Both companies are offering several different colored vests and solid colored shirts that can easily be mixed and matched to meet whatever your needs.

Although vests and shirts combinations are coming back, traditional blouses have not disappeared. Several styles, colors, and designs will be available from Hobby Horse each offering lots of stretch and sparkle built directly into the material cutting down on glitter and sequins falling off with wear and wash.

With the popularity of Ranch Horse Shows growing Hobby Horse has also made sure to include blouses that are multi-functional in both traditional western pleasure and ranch horse. The Lana Blouse, available in Black, Sterling, and French Tan, is a solid color blouse with no added embellishments that can be worn plain or with a vest to create whatever look you need for whatever type of show you participate in.

Below is your first look at what has arrived or will soon be arriving from Hobby Horse. You can find all of our Women’s Hobby Horse show clothing on our website and the same goes for our Girl’s Hobby Horse show clothing along with prices and sizes available. Pictures of the Royal Highness items will be posted once they arrive.