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Women’s Size Chart

Women’s Apparel Size Chart & Fit Guide

Note: These guides are provided as a general reference as each company and shirt cut can slightly deviate.

Finding Your Shirt Size:

SizeNumeric Size (US)Chest (Inches)Sleeve (Inches)
Extra Small233”30½”
Small4 – 634” – 35”30¾” – 31”
Medium8 – 1036” – 37”31¼” – 31½”
Large12 – 1438½” – 40”31¾” – 32”
Extra Large16 – 1840½” – 43”32¼” – 32½”
XX-Large2045” – 47”32 ½”

To find the correct Shirt Fit use the measurement guidelines above; you’ll also find explanations below on how to find those measurements.

Chest: Measure completely around the chest – over the broadest part of the chest, under the armpits, and across the shoulder blades all while keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor.

Sleeve: Bend your arm 90 degrees and put your hand on your hip. Then measure from the center of your neck, across your shoulder to your elbow, and then down to your wrist.

Finding Your Jean/Pant Size:

The majority of our women’s jeans are sized by even numbers (4, 6, 8, etc) followed by the inseam length in inches. Keep in mind some companies do offer jean sizes in odd numbers (1, 3, 5, etc), if this is what you are used to and you are attempting to determine your even size you’ll want to go with the number following your traditional size. Occasionally you may see some jeans labeled as 5/6 – meaning they are a size 5 or 6.

See the example below:

You typically wear size 5 jeans from your favorite company but have decided to try a new style that comes in evens sizes. To find a comparable fit you will need to choose a size 6.

If you are not sure which size number you need please refer to the chart below to help guide you in finding the correct size.

SizeNumeric Size (US)Waist (Inches)Hip (Inches)
Extra Small 226”36”
Small4 – 627” – 28”37” – 38”
Medium8 – 1029” – 30”39” – 40”
Large12 – 1431½” – 33”41½” – 43”
Extra Large16 – 1834½” – 36”44½” – 46”
XX-Large2038” – 40”48” – 50”

Do keep in mind some styles of jeans and pants are sized by your actual waist measurement and inseam length in inches. To find your waist size and inseam length follow the measurement guidelines below.

Waist: Find your natural waistline or where you will be wearing your jeans/pants and measure completely around your waist. This is your jean/pant waist measurement in inches.

Inseam: Measure starting from the top of the inside of your leg; down the length of your leg until you have reached the ground to find your inseam length. If you are wanting to have a stack on top of your boots add an inch or two to create the desired stack.

Finding Your Belt Size:

The majority of women’s belts are now sized Small, Medium, Large, etc. To choose the correct belt size you will need to find your waist measurement or hip measurement depending on where you will be wearing your belt. To do this follow the measurement guidelines below and then consult the chart.

Waist: Find your natural waistline or where you will be wearing your jeans/pants and measure completely around your waist. This is your jean/pant waist measurement in inches.

Hip: Find your hips and measure completely around them in a straight line. This is your hip measurement.

Once you have your waist or hip measurement you’ll want to take that number plus 2 to get your proper belt measurement size. However, if you are planning on adding a belt buckle to the belt you’ll want to go with your exact size as most buckles add approximately 2-inches to the belt’s overall length.

Finally, as a quick note when looking at the chart, the small belts are considered to be 30” yet will give you a range from 28” – 32”. Since you’ll have a range of sizes you’ll want to choose the belt that is closest to your actual waist measurement. If you find that you are between sizes, 32” for example, then it’s recommended to order the next size up.

SizeExact Belt SizeSize Range in Inches
Small30”28” – 32”
Medium34”32” – 36”
Large38”36” – 40”
Extra Large42”40” – 44”
Plus46”44” – 48”