Twinkle Stencil Kit for Horses


Twinkle Stencil Kit for Horses is designed to work with the Twinkle Ultra-Fine Horse Glitter Gel in creating shapes and other fun looks on your horse.

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For use with Twinkle Ultra-Fine Horse Glitter Gel (sold separately). Artwork may last for days. When ready to remove you can easily brush or rinse out the gel.

Apply Glitter gel with a stencil to horse hair, fabric, wood, or leather. Place the stencil on the desired area, squeeze gel onto the applicator and gently sweep across the stencil going in the direction of the hair. Continue until the area is solid glitter. After the stencil is full of glitter, remove it and let the gel dry.

Awareness Stencil Kit includes 1 Breast Cancer awareness ribbon stencil, 1 applicator, and 1 tube of gel.
Traditional Stencil Kit includes 3 stencil sheets (stars, hearts, and shooting star with flag) and 1 applicator.


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