Pyranha Aerosol Fly Repellent and Insecticide 15oz


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Pyranha Insecticide Aerosol fly spray, a triple-action, water-resistant insecticide that kills, repels, and conditions all while, providing easy, effective and convenient fly protection for horses with one of the highest concentrations of fly repellent available. Pyranha Aerosol fly repellent and insecticide contains a combination of repellent and natural pyrethrin that provides a quick kill of 13 specific insects, including stable, horse, face, deer, house and horn flies; mosquitoes; gnats; fleas; ticks; chiggers; cockroaches and ants. Pyranha can be safely sprayed onto the animal or around premises and is also an excellent grooming aid and coat conditioner. Apply and brush out Pyranha aerosol fly repellent for an unbeatable, fly-fighting show ring sheen. Contains 0.3% pyrethrins, 2.4% piperonyl butoxide and 33% butoxypolypropylene glycol and is citronella scented.