Martin Saddlery 5/8″ Latigo Laced Barrel Rein


The latigo laced barrel rein is a favorite of many Martin endorsed barrel racers. Available in a variety of colors to suit every barrel racer’s preference. 5/8″ barrel reins with colored lace.



These 5/8″ Harness leather reins are laced with pink latigo leather for the perfect feel and a pop of color. Also avaiable in a 3/4″ thickness, these reins were designed with weight, size, feel, longevity and appearance in mind. Like all other Martin Saddlery products they are made with only the best quality leather ensuring you can rely on them throughout your ride. Be sure to check out the turquoise and Chocolate variations of these reins as well. 5/8″ Barrel Rein with colored lacing.


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