Marcel Toulouse Aachen Black Dressage Saddle – 17.5″ Wide

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Marcel Toulouse saddles are hand crafted of natural, tanned, pigmented, aniline-finished high-quality leather which will accept oil. Their leather is a natural product because they allow their cows to live and roam naturally. As a result, their leather is stronger, though there may be natural marks and variations. They carefully choose the ideal cut of each individual hide in order to minimize these natural occurrences, and offer a ten-year guarantee on their hand-laminated beech wood, steel reinforced trees.The Aachen saddle features a large, hidden knee block that is larger at the top and tapers toward the bottom.

Marcel Toulouse Aachen Black Dressage Saddle features:

  • Dressage Saddle
  • Deep Seat
  • Medium Twist
  • Soft Covered Leather
  • Wool Panels


Marcel Toulouse Saddles are a new addition to our Dressage and Close Contact Saddle lines here at Al-Bar Ranch. The saddles themselves have sold well for the small amount of time that we have had them. The leather is high quality and very comfortable. You can definitely feel the difference as soon as you sit in the saddle.