Gard More Water and Stain Repellent


Protect your boots from the seasonal elements with Bickmore’s Gard More water & stain repellent. Its non-darkening formula will keep your boots from changing color while protecting them for some time.

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Gard-More is a waterproof and stain repellent that does not seal the leather, allowing your foot to breathe. It is also a non-darkening formula protecting your boots and hat for a long time. Gard More is available in a 5.5oz aerosol spray bottle.

  • Safe for use on fur and wool felt hats, leather, suede & nubuck
  • Protects from water and oil-based stains
  • A non-silicon based repellent that will not dry out leather
  • Does not alter the color of hats or leather
  • Reapply as necessary