Circle Y Alabama Trail Gaiter Saddle – 15″ Wide Tree


Circle Y’s Alabama Trail saddle is specifically designed to allow gaited horses to have greater movement.

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Ride for hours enjoying the comfort of a soft, Impact Foam seat and soft leather while knowing your horse is just as comfortable because of the Flex2® tree. This saddle will free your gaited horse to perform his unique gait, while the short skirt won’t get in his way.

The Alabama is the most popular option because of the all-day comfort it provides. The 3-Way adjustable in-skirt rigging lets you position the rigging to suit your individual horse. The angled rear dee is great for securing your saddle when traveling over rough terrain. EBS – ErgoBalance stirrups tilt the stirrup to eliminate torque on the rider’s knees and ankles for increased comfort and promote balanced riding. Stainless steel hardware resists rust and corrosion and six sets of strings to tie all your gear.

Flex2® saddles are designed to include comfort features for both the horse and rider that work in synergy with the Flex2® tree, and are designed for riders for all sizes – including those who need a 17” seat size. Only Circle Y has the exclusive Flex2® tree design which uses a rigid ground seat for rider support, a high density bar which disperses rider weight, and low density bar which is against the horse and provides give for freedom of movement.  This results in a lightweight saddle that will never get wider over time, flex in half, or overflex to create pressure points if properly fitted. Give yourself and your horse the lightweight comfort you’ve been craving!


  • Flexible tree design conforms to a horse’s back
  • Flex2® skirts have a shock absorbing neoprene filler for the horse and rider’s comfort
  • The Circle Y Softee® seat jockey and fender leather provides a “ready to ride” saddle to minimize rider’s knee and ankle strain
  • The original Circle Y Flex2® saddles are built for fit, weight, and comfort
  • Tunnel Skirt design creates a channel in the spine area to decrease rubbing, sore spots, and pressure along the spine. It also allow air flow under the saddle to reduce heat build up.

Additional Circle Y Alabama Trail Gaiter Saddle information:

  • 15" Seat
  • Wide Flex2 Tree
  • Black Grainout Seat (Smooth Leather)
  • Walnut Oil Color
  • Spider Border Tooling
  • Rounded Skirt
  • Skirt Length – 25"
  • Skirt Drop – 10"
  • 4" Cantle
  • 3-Way In-Skirt Rigging