Breyer Neptune Unicorn Stallion


Add this new Unicorn Stallion, Neptune to your Breyer Collection. Featuring a coat of shimmering purple, green, and blue this eye-catching Unicorn dazzles.

  • Traditional | 1:9 scale
  • Ages 8+

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During late nights on the shoreline, one might be lucky enough to spot Neptune, a legend of the seas. Unicorns have dazzled humans for centuries with their elusive appearances and enchanting nature, and Neptune is no exception.

This unicorn stallion has only ever been spotted in the dead of night, racing the waves, and trotting through the surf. His coat acts as natural camouflage, with hints of purple, green, and blue that disguise him against the dark sky and ocean waters. At just the right angle, though, his golden horn and hooves will catch a glint of the moonlight and reveal him to lucky onlookers.

For those he deems worthy, Neptune will acknowledge their presence with a toss of his head before he gallops back off into the pitch-black darkness, leaving nothing but hoofprints in the sand.



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