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Hat Shaping & Cleaning

American Hat Company Hat Shape guide

Hat Shaping

So you’ve decided on a hat but need help choosing a shape. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. To make things easy we included the American Hat Company’s style chart, which can be seen above. You can identify each shape option by the names/abbreviations for the crown (the top half of the image) and abbreviations/letters for the brim (the bottom half of the image). 

When at the checkout page please tell us in the comments section how you would like your hat shaped using the names/abbreviations above.

Crown Shape

Hats come either pre-creased (already shaped) or as an open crown,(not shaped) from the manufacturer.

Typically, an open crown can be shaped to your preference. Pre-creased crowns can be slightly changed but can be difficult or unlikely to hold a drastic change in shape. If you want to change the shape of a pre-creased crown and we do not believe it can be done well or to our satisfaction we will reach out to you.

Brim Shape

A brim can be shaped to any of the abbreviations or letters shown above (bottom half of the image). Some of the hats we carry, like the Twister Dallas, may leave a line from the original crease due to the harsh crease of this particular hat.

Something More Custom

Still not seeing the hat shape you’re looking for? Reach out to see if it is something we can do for you. While we may not be able to shape every style that’s out there, we are willing to try new things if we believe we can accomplish them.

Other Hat Services

We do offer cleaning and shaping of felt hats that have been purchased from us and other retailers.

A reshaping costs $10 while cleaning and shaping costs $20. This can typically be accomplished while you wait in the store. However, if we are extremely busy you may need to wait for someone to be available to clean your hat. Or we may ask you to leave it if we need to spend an extended time working on the hat. 

It typically takes approximately 20 minutes to do a general cleaning and shaping per hat. Again this can vary if we are doing more drastic changes to a crown, or have to spend any extended time thoroughly cleaning a hat.

We clean most felt hats – cowboy hats, fedoras, etc. We do not clean straw hats at this time.