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Finding the Proper Boot Fit

Western Boot Fitting Guide

Determining Your Size:

  1. We recommend choosing your normal or most common size, as we know shoe sizes can vary slightly from company to company.
  2. Everyone tends to have one foot slightly larger than the other. If you find your feet are drastically different you’ll want to go with the size that fits the larger foot.
  3. If you need a wide width and none are available you can go up a ½ size, as the added length tends to increase width as well.
  4. Are you still unsure and would like further help? Ariat has provided a printable Foot Sizing Guide (available below). You may print these off and use them to help you determine your size. Please keep in mind these are guides and sizing can still vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

You will find men’s standard/regular width labeled as “D” or “M“, and wide width labeled as either “EE“, “EW“, or “W“.

You will find women’s standard/regular width labeled as either  “B” or “M“, and wide width labeled as either “C” or “W“.

How proper fitting boots should feel when trying them on:

To get a feel for the proper fit you need to be standing and wearing both boots. Look for the following.

  1. New boots should feel snug all over – ball of the foot and across the instep (top of the foot). Think of it like a firm hand shake. However, there should be a bit of slippage in the heel, up and down as you walk around – approximately a ½-inch. This slippage is normal and will disappear as the sole and leather around the toe box begins to flex and naturally move with your foot.
  2. With a pair of boots you want to make sure that the ball of your foot sits at the widest part of the sole of the boot. This will ensure that the boots flexes properly as you walk and allow for an overall correct feel. Toes will typically sit back about a thumb to a thumb-and-a-half width from the end of the boot.