SuperMask II Fly Mask (Assorted Colors)


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SuperMask II horse fly mask really work and stay on the horse! SuperMask's patented design protects eyes from fly irritation, disease, flying dust, dirt and debris. Use SuperMask fly masks to speed healing of eye injuries, as a sunscreen and to stop spread of summer sores by Habronema larvae. SuperMask II does not obstruct vision with its unique "see-through" netting which allows horses to see clearly. Its super durable double-latch closure keeps mask secure. SuperMask II offer a cool and comfortable fit available with or without sewn-in, soft mesh ears. For additional safety to younger horses, the Foal/Pony and Yearling sizes do not have the double-latch closure. This allows the mask to come off easier in case of emergency. Regular size Mini is specially designed to fit most A and B size mini horses. Mini sizes feature throat-latch closure and adjustable poll for better adjustability and great fit.

Each mask has trim color (Hunter Green, Maroon, or Navy Blue) Colors come assorted from the manufacturer and will be shipped assorted.