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Measuring for your Horse’s Blanket

This post features an article written by Christine Barakat from an old Equus Magazine. I thought it would be great article to share with you as winter approaches. I’ll be be breaking it up into two posts. The first will show you how to measure for a blanket and the second will explain how a […]

Happy Thanksgiving & Holiday Hours!

Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you enjoy the time and food with family and friends. Maybe it be a day you can remember all the things that we can and should be thankful for! Special Holiday Hours I also wanted to inform you about our Holiday […]

Does China Mean Inferior?

What is your first thought when you see or hear that a product is made in China? Take a minute and think about it . . .  Ok, times up. My first guess would be that you thought JUNK (am I right?).  We’ve all bought an item that was made in China and in turn […]

Tony Lama Celebrates 100 Years of Boot Making

“One hundred years of business is a tremendous milestone, and we’re grateful for those who have supported the brand over the years,” said Randy Watson, president and CEO, Justin Brands, Inc. “We have some fun items in store, and we’re looking forward to the upcoming celebration with our valued retailers, consumers and affiliates.” 2011 will […]

Fall Sale – September 24, 25, & 26

During our Fall Sale you’ll find everything in the store at least 15% Off. Saddles are excluded from the 15% discount but will be specially marked for the sale. Other items besides saddles that will be marked down are boots, hats, men’s and women’s clothing, and all show clothing! We may not always have everything […]

Product Review: Retro Jean 77MWZRW

Each month we’ll try and review at least one product in the store. This month our focus is on the new Retro Jean from Wrangler the 77MWZRW. It just came in last week and is a new color in Wrangler’s #77 and Retro line. Review: This jean from Wrangler has quickly become one of our top […]

The Difference between Saddles: Part 1

Any body can buy a “saddle” in today’s economy. If you look on ebay you can even find some around $100, but that doesn’t guarantee the saddle is going to work perfectly. Far too often we see these ebay saddles come in needing repair or for trade because it doesn’t fit the horse. Many of […]

Finding the Boots You Like

So you know your size and what you need in a pair of cowboy boots but what about what you want? Finding the perfect pair isn’t easy especially when there are hundreds of companies out there that make a hundred styles of boots. With hundreds of options out there you have to find something you […]

Finding Cowboy Boots that Fit

Over the years I have heard people talk about how their cowboy boots fit like a glove and that they were the most comfortable shoe or boot they have ever had. So how do you find a fit like that? It come down to taking your time, trying boots on, and a few key tips […]