Boot Care

Properly caring for your boots can drastically increase the life of your boots allowing them to be worn for years.

Wipe off Dust & Dirt

Remember that leather is a skin and requires a bit of care every so often. First it’s always important to wipe off any loose dust and dried on dirt from your boots with a damp cloth before applying any sort of cleaner and conditioner.

Apply Conditioners & Cleaners

After cleaning off the dirt and dust from you boots apply a cream or liquid conditioner working it into the leather with a clean cloth. Always allow your boots to completely dry away from direct heat after applying conditioner or after getting wet before wearing.

Polish & Buff for a High Shine

If you desire a buffed finish to your boots, now would be the time to apply a polish to your boots, after the conditioner has dried. You’ll want to find a boot polish (cream) that is close in color to your boots. Apply the boot polish evenly over the entire boot with a clean cloth. Then take a buffing brush (soft bristled brush) and brush the entire boot vigorously until your preferred shine.

Protect them from the Elements

Being in the mid-west and around water often we always recommend applying a waterproofer/stain repellent to your boots. Our favorite is Gard-More from Bickmore. Whatever waterproofing agent you chosse make sure it is a non-silicon based. Silicon based waterproofer will seal the leather causing it to dry out over time. It is a non-darkening formula and protects against salts stains, whether that be from winter or sweat. It’s also can be used on wool or fur felt hats.

Reptile Skins Cleaner

We do offer a special cleaner designed for reptile skins – especially snakeskin boots. Scout Reptile Cleaner is designed to be safe for all reptile skin boots, both polishing and cleaning at the same time. For a higher shine we still recommend you use a colored polish matching the color of you boots. 

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