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Fall Apparel Preview

We just spent four days in Denver at our annual dealers market showcasing hundreds of manufacturers products within the Western and English industry. It’s an amazing opportunity for us to see and order the fall’s apparel and spring/summer boots all at one time. I know we are really excited for some of the items coming and we wanted to give you a preview of some of the items that will be coming over the course of 2013. As we get more pictures we’ll post more so that you can see other new items.

New Adiktd & Cowgirl Up Fashion Jeans

If your looking for the latest and greatest in western fashion jeans then look no further than Adiktd or Cowgirl Up Jeans. These jeans offer great quality and feeling with all the embellishments you could want on a jean along with a great fit. Keep in mind these jeans are meant to be able to go from the saddle to being out on the town without the need to change up anything.

You’ll find that each jean has its own special features on it whether they have rhinestones on the pockets, heavy embroidery, or light destruction. Take a look at a few of the styles that we have in stock.

We’ll be getting more of these jeans and some from Wrangler in their Rock 47 line in the future. Check back often for more information or if you have questions please let us know.

WESA Market Series: Friday

Day 2 is done. What a day it was too. We visited a lot of places and I can tell you this, bling is here to stay. You are going to be seeing plenty of rhinestones and color on everything including belts, jeans, hats, and even saddles.

I think the keyword that goes with the bling is fashion. Fashion jeans, fashions boots, fashion jewelry is what is driving this market. Every company has something to do with fashion. It’s unbelievable how many boot makers are being driven by the fashion market. Unfortunately it’s impossible to carry them all, but we are doing our best to get you the latest and greatest products at affordable prices.

You will be seeing some new boots coming from Justin based which includes more of their Bent Rail series. The Bent Rail series has been a big hit in both men’s and women’s. Here is a picture of one men’s and women’s style you’ll be seeing here in the future.

Ladies Show Tops

The clothing for ladies in the show ring seem to be continuing with all out bling and it isn’t going anywhere soon. You’ll find collars and cuffs heavy with accents along with flashy colors that will be sure to get you to stand out in the show pen. Take a look at a really neat top that will be arriving around March 1st.

All the tops that we will be getting are going to be a limited run so make sure you stop in early to get yours before they’re gone. I’ll continue leaking more of the tops on Facebook once we are back, so check our Facebook page often to see what else is coming for the show pen this spring.

Special Saddles Deal

Finally we’re working on a deal with Circle Y to house a large number of saddles during our spring Open House (March 18th, 19th, & 20th) where you’ll find incredible deals. More information to come once we have hammered out the details later this trip.

As always let us know what you think. What has you excited?

WESA Market Series: Thursday

Greetings from the WESA market in Denver, Colorado. The market officially started today at 8:00 a.m. Yesterday we arrived a little early and we were able to walk around some of the permanent show rooms. We were able to get an early previews of what is coming. The Urban Cowboy is still all over the place and I have a feeling you’re going to continue seeing this trend for a while.

As for the men’s show ring we are seeing a lot of solid colors and stripes. Solid colors look sharp and can really get you to stand out in the show ring due to their simplicity. With that being said, Cinch is going to be offering solid colors for order at any time. Yay! You’ll soon find solid black, white, red, blue, pink, and khaki available at any point. A couple pictures below courtesy of Cinch:

Also many of the younger guys in the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) and PRCA are asking for strips again. I know stripes seemed to be quite popular a few years back and then prints took over. Prints are not going away but according to Cinch stripes will be making a return mid-way through the year, probably around August.

Cruel Girl will be tapping in to the next hot color, copper. Copper and other Earth tones seem to be showing up every where in clothing and in jewelry. You’ll be finding some woven shirts and button shirts that will be featuring the copper color scheme quite heavily. Even Montana Silversmiths were showing off some of their jewelry that include turquoise with some Earth tones as well. I’m sure once we see more jewelry we’ll be able to tell you all about the hit colors. Another quick note on jewelry; the bigger the better. Every where jewelry is big. Even Montana Silversmiths has tapped into that area.

Montana is also celebrating Elmer’s 10th Anniversary. This year they will be doing a special run commemorative Elmer limited to 1000 pieces and we will have a few. So get excited, I know we are.

As for the ladies show ring we’ll know a little more once we’ve stopped by Hobby Horse and a couple of other places. We’ll definitely let you know the hot colors from there.

Finally we’ll be getting you an update on the boot trends here this evening. I’m sure it’s something that you’re all dying to know about. I’m hopeful on getting another post written this evening about todays visit at the WESA market, along with some pictures. Check back soon and often.

As always, let us know what you think. You can leave comments here, Facebook, Twitter, or by contacting me at

The Urban Cowboy vs. The Old West Cowboy

Old West Cowboy

Image by memekode

One of the biggest shifts we are seeing within the western industry is the shift to the “Urban Cowboy,” those that like the western style but live near the city.  A good indicator of this trend is the development of clothing/apparel lines and companies like Southern Thread, Wrangler’s Rock 47, PanHandle Slim’s Rock and Roll Cowboy/Cowgirl and Justin’s Bent Rail Boots.

A big driving force behind this movement are the Rock and Roll Cowboy singers and bands such as Randy Roger’s Band, Jason Aldean, and Casey Donahew Band. There seems to be an ever growing fan base behind these bands and companies want to find ways to market to these groups. Companies seem to have found the right mix as both boots and apparel from these companies have been quite heavy in terms of sales.

You’ll find many of these items with heavy embroidery and embellishments on both shirts and boots. You’ll find that many of these shirts include snaps rather than buttons and are usually but not always louder in color and style.

It is definitely a shift away from the Old West with the western yokes, pearl snaps, and smiley pocket with the big plaids. The Old West apparel is becoming harder and harder to find but it doesn’t seem to be going away completely. I think a lot of people would roll over in their grave if the Old West apparel ever went away completely. There are enough people out there still ranching and roping that need something that is more practical than fashion.

What are your thoughts on this shift in the western market? Do you like where it’s going? Do you wish it’d stay the same? Let us know and we’ll get back to you!