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Testing the Hay Bucker Pro Glove from Noble Equine

We’ve had quite a bit of farm maintenance to take care of this year. We recently rebuilt the entry booth for the speed shows that take place out back behind the store. While working on the entry booth I thought it might be a great time to test and review a newer work glove for us, the Hay Bucker Pro, seen below.

Noble Outfitters Hay Bucker Pro Glove Black

The Hay Bucker Pro from Noble Outfitters is one of their top of the line work gloves designed for heavy duty work around the farm. Noble Outfitters describes it as the following:

The new Noble Outfitters™ Hay Bucker Pro Glove is designed with innovative Kevlar blend material for maximum cut and abrasion resistance for moving hay and heavy farm work.

So I put the glove to the test hammering, sawing, and putting up wood siding over the course of two weeks in a variety of different weather patterns; warm, cold, rain, and sun. (Note it’s a little early for hay and haven’t had a chance to see how the gloves wear when bailing hay)


Over the course of two weeks the gloves held up very well. Some areas of the fingers show normal wear but there wasn’t any anything unexpected like holes that wore through. Everything appears to be reinforced in the right areas and can handle most surfaces well. The terry cloth on the thumb is a nice touch for when sweat is getting in your eyes or you need to wipe your nose.


For me grip was probably the only complaint I have. The Kevlar/Silicone dipped fingers made it difficult at times to hold onto some of the larger smoother pieces of wood and some of the tools I was using; not that it was impossible or items were slipping out of hands but it just wasn’t as comfortable as using no glove or other leather work gloves I have had in the past.

I do think this glove will be outstanding when bailing hay and will definitely help with wear from twine. *As noted about I haven’t had a chance to test these gloves in that setting yet as hay isn’t quite ready for the season.


The gloves are very comfortable. I especially like the Velcro wrist piece. It allows the glove to fit as snug as you’d like around the wrist while also keeping them from riding up. The fingers flex quite easily and don’t cause any sort of rubbing that would cause blisters.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned above, the only issues I had with the Hay Bucker Pro work gloves was with gripping large heavy pieces of wood when carrying them vertically or when using select tools. I would definitely recommend these gloves to most people. I have used them since the project while doing yard and gardening work and they have worked well there also.

Product Review: Cinch’s Special Edition Green Label Jeans

It’s been quite some time since we did a product review and really  it’s about time to start doing them again.

I recently tried Cinch’s Special Edition Green Label Jean. Let me start out by saying that I personally love the 77MWZ jean from Wrangler. Personally it fits me great and if you want you can take a look at 77MWZRW Review.

One of the first things I noticed about  the SE Green Label Jean was the feel of the denim. The denim doesn’t feel near as heavy as other jeans available. Due to it being thinner it also has a softer feel when being worn. It would definitely make for a cooler wear during the summer as their is less material, but it would definitely present a down side if working in the jean as it probably would not stand up to much abuse.

The rise on the jean is Cinch’s standard rise, which sits near the navel and would be very similar to Wrangler’s 13MWZ line of jeans. The waist band wraps straight across the waist with little to no contour.

Due to the higher rise in the waist the inseam is quite modest and can seem longer if the jeans are worn low. The legs are quite roomy and feel baggy if you’re used to slim fitting jeans although no where near as loose as Cinch’s black or white label jeans. The boot opening is smaller than most others and will wear very similar to most Wrangler jeans.

Overall if your looking for a jean that fits similar to the 13MWZ but is a little bit lighter in weight and has a softer feel to it then this jean is definitely something to check out. If you would rather have something that has a lower rise then I’d stick to Cinch’s White Label jeans or Wrangler’s 77MWZRW.