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Turnout Blanket Options

“Winter is coming.”

– Ned Stark, Game of Thrones

An all to familiar quote that is unfortunately becoming more true by the day. September marked the arrival of our Fall and Winter jackets and about a week ago we received the majority of our Turnout Blankets. You’ll find several favorites have returned this year as well as some great new options from Weatherbeeta and Noble Outfitters.

Turnout Blankets; The New and the Old

Saxon Medium Turnout Blanket
Saxon Medium Turnout Blanket

The Saxon medium turnout blanket is the most economical available at $89.95. This blanket offers a 600 denier rip stop outer shell with a 180 gram polyester fill.

A couple things of note with this blanket; compared to other blankets the 180g fill tends to be on the light side for a medium weight blanket. It also does not sit down quite as far as other blankets you’ll find on this list allowing those draftier days to let wind get up and under the blanket.

The Weatherbeeta ComfiTec Essential medium weight blanket in navy returns from last year. It was extremely popular then and is sure to be again. It features a 1200 denier rip stop outer shell and a 220g polyester fill that will keep your horse warm on all but the bitterest of cold days.

Like the Navy in every way, the Navajo adds a fun color pattern making it easy to pick your horse out amongst the other at the barn. Both blanket have extended shoulder gussets for additional movement as well as a larger drop than the Saxon blanket that was previously talked about.

Weatherbeeta ComfiTec Essential Lite Weight Turnout Blanket

Also available in the Weatherbeeta ComfiTec Essential line is the lite weight version of the navy turnout blanket. This blanket again has a 1200 denier rip stop shell but does not have any sort of insulation. It is 100% waterproof and windproof so during those cooler & wet Fall months you can keep your horse completely dry.

Pessoa Medium Weight Turnout Blanket – Clay Plaid

Next up is the medium weight Pessoa. This 1200 denier rip stop shell is sure to handle even the toughest of horses and weighs in on the lighter side with only 180g of polyester fill (putting it on the lighter side of medium weight blankets).

Guardsman 4 in 1 Turnout Blanket
Noble Outfitters Guardsman 4 in 1 Turnout Blanket

A revolution in the horse blanket industry, the new Noble Outfitters™ 4-in-1 Turnout Blanket System will change the way you think about Winter horse care. The removable and interchangeable insulation layering system consists of a 1000D ballistic polyester rip stop blanket cover and two weighted Inserts, for a total of four blanket weight combinations. Simply unzip the shell and insert up to two weights to adjust the blanket to your horse’s needs. The two insert weights provided are 150g and 250g.

The 4-in-1 Turnout Blanket is waterproof and breathable with fully taped seams. This innovative blanket features two front patent-pending 360 Quick Connect buckles on the front closure for added security on the interior of the blanket. Engineered with comfort collar and comfort withers with unique memory foam to contour and adapt to the neck for exact fit and comfort.

The Shell is ideal for cool or rainy weather. As conditions change, the Guardsman 4-in-1 Turnout System allows you to adjust the level of weather protection to keep your horse comfortable. When the temperature drops overnight, simply add an Insert to increase the warmth of the turnout. In the morning when the temperature starts to rise, quickly and easily remove the Insert. You’ll no longer need to buy, store, maintain and change multiple blankets. Save time, save money and save space with one turnout blanket that can cover all of your needs.

Keep in mind sizing is subject to availability and as the colder weather gets closer the sizes will start to disappear quickly.

Turnout Blankets to keep your Horse Dry and Warm

Cold weather is approaching and if you haven’t yet thought about how to keep your horse warm and dry, you soon will be. As soon as the first real cold snap happens winter turnout blankets will be snatched up quickly, making it difficult to find every size and style shown below. Below you’ll see all of our styles along with a brief description and a link (picture) to the blanket where you can quickly order the one you need.

If your not sure how to measure for a winter blanket check out our blanket measuring guide as well as our guide as to when to blanket your horse.

Each blanket offers different weight in fill (grams) as well as outer shell strength (denier). The higher the fill the warmer the blanket. The higher the shell strength the stronger it is vs a destructive horse. You’ll find both listed as well as a quick list of features each blanket offers. If you click on the pictures it’ll take you to a product page with more information about each blanket.

2017/2018 Winter Turnout Blankets

Weatherbeeta Foal Turnout Blankets

Weatherbeeta Foal Turnout Blankets

  • 220 gram fill
  • 1200 denier shell
  • Single strap buckle front closure
  • Size Range: 36 – 51

Saxon Medium Turnout BlanketsSaxon – Medium Turnout Blankets

  • 180 gram fill
  • 600 denier shell
  • Shoulder gussets for added easy movement

Weatherbeeta Essential Medium Turnout BlanketsWeatherbeeta ComFiTec Essential Medium Turnout Blankets

  • 220 gram fill
  • 1200 denier shell
  • Extended leg gussets for even greater natural movement

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Dynamic Medium Turnout Blankets

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Dynamic Medium Turnout Blankets

  • 220 gram filler
  • 1200 denier shell
  • Extended leg gussets for greater natural movement
  • Memory foam pad at withers to prevent rubbing of mane
  • Ezi-Clip front closure for easy on and off
  • Larger tail flap

Weatherbeeta Detach-a-Neck Medium Turnout Blankets

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Dynamic Detach-a-Neck Medium Turnout Blankets

  • 220 gram filler
  • 1200 denier shell
  • Extended leg gussets for greater natural movement
  • Memory foam pad at withers to prevent rubbing of mane
  • Ezi-Clip front closure for easy on and off
  • Larger tail flap
  • Detach-a-Neck – blanket can be used with or without neck piece (Velcros on and off)

Pessoa Medium Tunrout Blankets - Plaid Design

Pessoa Medium Turnout Blankets – Plaid Design

  • 180 gram fill
  • 1200 denier shell
  • Shoulder gussets for easier natural movement
  • Patented Exceler closure system for easier on and off

Pessoa Heavy Turnout Blankets - Plaid DesignPessoa Heavy Turnout Blankets – Plaid Design

  • 300 gram fill
  • 1200 denier shell
  • Shoulder gussets for easier natural movement
  • Patented Exceler closuree system for easier on and off

Noble Outfitter Gardsman Turnout Blankets

Noble Outfitters Guardsman Heavy Turnout Blankets

  • 340 gram fill
  • 1800 denier shell
  • Extended shoulder gussets allowing for the greatest movement
  • Patent pending 360 quick connect system – allowing for easy clipping and un-clipping no matter the weather
  • Memory foam wither pad to aid in comfort and protect the mane from rubbing
  • Reflective piping for easy finding in dark lighting

Open House – Noble Outfitters Specials

Our 43rd Annual Spring Open House sale is approaching quickly! Before we go into the specifics of the sale we wanted to highlight Noble Outfitters who will have a rep here on Saturday and Sunday to help showcase many of their products.

The first of Noble’s products we are highlighting are their Men’s All Around Distressed Havana Cowboy boots, – pictured below & available now – and their ladies All Around Dakota cowgirl boots, which will be arriving soon!  The All Around boots feature soft leathers, an extremely long lasting outsole with a wear guarantee, along with their ankle shield that eliminates rubbing on the outside/inside of your ankle!

The Noble Outfitters rep will be here both Saturday and Sunday to help you find the proper fit for these boots and their MUDS. MUDS are the perfect boot for gardening or mucking stalls. The great thing about MUDS is they come in both Men’s and Women’s sizes and are not uni-sexed.  Both Men’s and Women’s styles are perfect for most any weather, are waterproof, and offer great traction in almost any weather condition.

Throughout the sale weekend you’ll receive a free pair of Noble Outfitters socks just for trying on a pair of the NEW All Around Boots from Noble Outfitters. Even better if you purchase a pair of the NEW All Around Boots you can enter into a raffle to win a free boot bag from Noble Outfitters (bag pictured below) – $54.95 value! What’s not to love there!

But maybe you’re not looking for a pair of boots. Noble Outfitters also has plenty of other great products like their Wave Fork. Their Wave Fork is a great update to the standard pitch fork. Rather than the head of the fork being a solid piece, the Wave Fork uses individual tines that are removable/replaceable in case a tine were to break allowing you to continue to use the fork. Each Wave Fork comes with a five year guarantee. If a tine were to break within that 5 year guarantee, contact Noble Outfitters and they will mail you a replacement tine at no charge. Tines are available in a variety of colors – approximately 60 color combinations.

A favorite among horse lovers has been their grooming tote. It’s light weight, comes in a variety of colors and has a mesh bottom to allow dirt and dust to fall through keeping the bottom of tote from building up dirt.

We do have a few of their knives, bracelets, belts, and jackets as well. And if you spend at least $100 dollars total on any combination of Noble Outfitters products you’ll receive a free Noble Outfitters baseball cap.

While here over the sale weekend if you have questions on any of the the Noble Outfitter products feel free to ask any of us who are in the store regularly or the sales representative who will be here on Saturday and Sunday! And stay tuned for what coming with the sale!

Testing the Hay Bucker Pro Glove from Noble Equine

We’ve had quite a bit of farm maintenance to take care of this year. We recently rebuilt the entry booth for the speed shows that take place out back behind the store. While working on the entry booth I thought it might be a great time to test and review a newer work glove for us, the Hay Bucker Pro, seen below.

Noble Outfitters Hay Bucker Pro Glove Black

The Hay Bucker Pro from Noble Outfitters is one of their top of the line work gloves designed for heavy duty work around the farm. Noble Outfitters describes it as the following:

The new Noble Outfitters™ Hay Bucker Pro Glove is designed with innovative Kevlar blend material for maximum cut and abrasion resistance for moving hay and heavy farm work.

So I put the glove to the test hammering, sawing, and putting up wood siding over the course of two weeks in a variety of different weather patterns; warm, cold, rain, and sun. (Note it’s a little early for hay and haven’t had a chance to see how the gloves wear when bailing hay)


Over the course of two weeks the gloves held up very well. Some areas of the fingers show normal wear but there wasn’t any anything unexpected like holes that wore through. Everything appears to be reinforced in the right areas and can handle most surfaces well. The terry cloth on the thumb is a nice touch for when sweat is getting in your eyes or you need to wipe your nose.


For me grip was probably the only complaint I have. The Kevlar/Silicone dipped fingers made it difficult at times to hold onto some of the larger smoother pieces of wood and some of the tools I was using; not that it was impossible or items were slipping out of hands but it just wasn’t as comfortable as using no glove or other leather work gloves I have had in the past.

I do think this glove will be outstanding when bailing hay and will definitely help with wear from twine. *As noted about I haven’t had a chance to test these gloves in that setting yet as hay isn’t quite ready for the season.


The gloves are very comfortable. I especially like the Velcro wrist piece. It allows the glove to fit as snug as you’d like around the wrist while also keeping them from riding up. The fingers flex quite easily and don’t cause any sort of rubbing that would cause blisters.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned above, the only issues I had with the Hay Bucker Pro work gloves was with gripping large heavy pieces of wood when carrying them vertically or when using select tools. I would definitely recommend these gloves to most people. I have used them since the project while doing yard and gardening work and they have worked well there also.

New OrthoImpact Saddle Pad from Toklat

Keeping our horses healthy is always a priority especially when competing in equestrian sports. Toklat has created a pad (pictured below) that is designed to help reduce impact on the horses’ back from rider and saddle.

Toklat’s Matrix Shim Pad with OrthoImpact Protection is a pad designed to help in many ways. First it’s a pad that has shims allowing you to get the perfect fit with any saddle you have. There are two shims per pocket that are 1/4″ thick each, allowing you to easily convert the saddle from a build-up pad, to a bridge pad, or by balancing out any area you need.

Second, it’s a pad that has 1/2″ of memory foam that will contour to your horses’ back. The medium-density viscoelastic memory foam holds is shaped with pressure but quickly returns to its original state when not being used. On top of the memory foam sits a 1/4″ thick Poron XRD foam which absorbs up to 90% of impact from rider and saddle.

You can see the blue memory foam with the 1/4" thick Poron on top for absorption as well as the two white 1/4" thick shims that are all removable.

You can see the blue memory foam with the 1/4″ thick yellow/black Poron on top for shock absorption as well as the two white 1/4″ thick shims above. Each part is removable so that the pad can be washed in the washing machine.

The great thing about the memory/Poron foam and the shims is they are 100% removable via a Velcro opening that runs the entire length of the spine of the pad (shown above), thus allowing you to wash the saddle pad in the washing machine. Yes, you read that correctly! You can wash this pad in the washing machine. No more dirty or stinky pads.

The pad comes in a couple of different options. We currently carry the square Matrix III OrthoImpact 32 x 32 pad with leather wears and the Barrel Matrix OrthoImpact pad with leather wears. The barrel pad measures 28″ L with a 18″ front drop and a 15″ rear drop. Both are available in black only.

MUDS from Noble Outfitters

Noble Outfitters MUDS

We recently talked about how 2016 has been off to a fast start and introduced you to a couple of new companies we started carrying this year. Noble Outfitters is one of these companies and if you were able to stop by during our Spring Open House in March, you may have had the chance to try on Noble Outfitters MUDS with our sales rep.

MUDS are Noble Outfitters equivalent of MuckBoots. However MUDS offer a few extra features that we are sure are going to make them even better in the long run.

Currently we are carrying the Stay Cool MUDS which feature a 100% waterproof construction with a 3.5mm neoprene foam and 3D mesh lining. This mesh lining allows the boots to be ultra breathable and moisture wicking to help during those hot summer months when things start to warm up. The lining/upper is a bit more form fitting than other muck boots out there, and their reasoning for that is to help keep hay and shaving out of the boot when being worn. However there is still room to tuck jeans or pants into the boot if you so choose.

The memory foam cushion insole (seen below) adds amazing comfort by absorbing shock and it is anti-microbial! But the one thing that truly makes these stand out from the rest is the fact they offer MUDS in men’s and women’s sizes as well as half sizes.

memory foam insole

The choice to offer MUDS in specific men’s and women’s sizes is key here because men’s and women’s feet are different. It’s not a one size fits all like many style of MuckBoots and by offering half sizes your are going to get a perfect fit rather than the “best fit”.  By having proper fitting MUDS the boots will move properly and your feet will be more comfortable throughout the life time of the boots!


We currently carry the MUDS in the tall Stay Cool for both men and women. Men’s sizes run from 9-12, & 13. Women’s sizes run from 6-10 (half sizes included on both). If your not crazy about a tall style muck boot than you may be interested in the 6″ MUDS coming in May, or if you want you can easily roll down the top as seen in the picture above. Also with a purchase of MUDS you can send away for a free pair of socks from Noble Outfitters.

Why the difference in Cowboy Hat prices?

Have you noticed there can be a big disparity in price when it comes to cowboy hats? Hats at the local county fairs and concerts can be pretty inexpensive but then you visit a retailer and see the starting price on some are $200 you may begin to wonder why the big difference in price. The reason: Quality.

Felt hats typically come in two types of material, wool and fur. Wool hats use sheep wool to create an inexpensive felt hat starting around $45 (that is at least where we begin). Better quality wool will increase the price of the hat, thus why you may find some at the $120 price point or higher. To show that hats are of better quality companies will use an “X” system to grade their hats. For example, Stetson and Resistol will consider anything at or below 4X to be part of their wool collection. However there are other companies out there that may use a higher number of X’s to grade their hats.

Stetson and Resistol, two companies we are very familiar with, label anything at a 5X and higher as a fur felt. Fur felt cowboy hats feature a combination of rabbit, hare, and beaver fur. They have even begun to use some mink and chinchilla furs in their top tier hats (100X, 1000X). With fur felts you will notice the difference in quality when you being to handle these hats. The difference in feel between a 6X hat and a 20X hat is quite substantial as the brim and crown of that hat will be smoother and softer. Unfortunately none of the companies will tell you the exact proportions of fur in their hats, regardless of the number of X’s, as that would give away their distinct advantages in making their specific hats.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into making a cowboy hat then check out the video below from Stetson’s YouTube page.

Caring for your Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hats

Caring for your new cowboy hat is important if you would like to keep it for years. We often have people come into the store talking about their fathers or grandfathers cowboy hat that has passed down through the generations. We want to go over three of the most important things to do with your hat so you can help it have a long life.

Cleaning Your Hat

It’s assumed that if you bought a cowboy hat you’ll be wearing it on a regular/semi-regular basis. Your hat is going to get dirty just by wearing it, whether it’s at a horse show or out with friends you’re bound to get something on your hat eventually.

Dark colored hats will typically show dust quicker than a light colored hat, however a dark hat will hide stains easier than a light colored hat. One of the easiest ways to care for dust on your hats is using a hat sponge. Hat sponges come two to a package, one for light, one for dark colored hats.

To clean your hat with a hat sponge gently rub the sponge (dry) over the hat with the direction of the nap (the material – wool or fur), typically in a counter clockwise motion taking the material from the front to the back of the hat.

After cleaning you’ll want to take a finishing brush and brush off any anything the sponge has brought to the surface of that hat. You’ll want to make sure to use a dark colored finishing brush for dark colored hats and a light colored finishing brush for light colored hats. By doing this you won’t be mixing the nap from dark hats on a light hat and vice versa which will take you back to the beginning with cleaning your hat.

It’s also possible that you’ve gotten some sort of stain on your hat like grease from your horses’ muzzle. Bickmore has created two colored sprays that work in helping remove those stains. The Ultra-X light colored spray is for light colored hats and the Ultra-X dark colored spray is for dark colored hats. After spraying the stain with the spray you will need to let the affected area dry. By allowing it to dry the product can work at removing the stain. Once dried you’ll take your hat sponge and work out the dried ultra-x spray.

Protection from the Elements

Cowboy hats, whether wool or fur felt, are not naturally water resistant. We recommend using some sort of waterproofer to protect your hat from rain and snow. Gardmore by Bickmore is our preferred waterproofer. Gardmore waterproofer is a non-darkening formula that protects against stains and water with out sealing the wool or fur. Because it’s a non-sealing waterproof it allows it to be useful on leather boots allowing them to continue to breath and have a longer life.

Another way to protect your cowboy hat is a by purchasing a western hat carrier. Hat carriers are made of a hard plastic and are designed to be small enough to fit in an over head bin of an airplane. The carriers come in a variety of colors and sizes so you can find one that fits just about any hat.

Storing your Cowboy Hat

If you bought a fur felt then you likely got a hat box with your hat. The hat box is a great way to store your hat as it’ll protect it from dust, dirt, and from becoming misshaped. If your hat did not include a box we do offer boxes for purchase ($10), but there are other ways to store it as well.

As mentioned above, a hat carrier is a great way to protect your cowboy hat. It’s also a great way to store your cowboy hat. Each carrier has dialed knobs that adjust at the base so your hat can rest on a safe surface that is free from any pressure being put on the brim, thus maintaining its shape.

If you do not have a hat box or hat carrier you can always set your hat on its crown on a flat surface. This will help keep the brim from becoming deformed. If for some reason you’re unable to set your hat on its crown you can always hang your hat on a hook or bed post. Finally if none of those options are available you may set it on a shelf or ledge with the front of the brim hanging off. By laying it flat with the front over the edge it’ll take pressure off the brim and help it to maintain it’s shape longer.

There is a lot to taking care of your cowboy hat and we want to make sure it lasts you as long as possible. Doing any of the above is sure to help lengthen the life of your hat. If you find that cleaning your own hat seems like to big of a task, we are more than happy to clean and shape your hat for you. To get a hat cleaned it costs $10 and we ask that you give us a couple of days to really get it cleaned.

Taking Care of Your Boots

Your boots are an important part of your life. You ride in them. You clean stalls in them. You work in them. You wear them everyday. Life can be hard on boots no matter your profession, which makes taking care of your boots very important so they can last as long as possible.

Our Favorite Boot Care Products

There are all sorts of boot, shoe, and leather cleaners out there and we sell a variety of different ones in the store. However we typically recommend Bick 4 over anything else when it comes to caring for your boots, especially if your boots are a light color you don’t want to change. Bick 4 is specially formulated to not change the color of your boots while polishing, conditioning, and lightly cleaning your boots.

If you find your boots typically need a heavier cleaning then Bick 1 is your best. Bick 1 is Bickmore’s toughest cleaner, removing heavy dirt and years of wear. It’s recommended after using Bick 1 to then use Bick 4 to condition your boots so they do not dry out.

Of course we always recommend Bickmore’s Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent. It is a non-silicon based water repellent, allowing the leather of the boots to continue to breath yet keeping your feet dry. It doesn’t have to be applied heavily as a light spraying of your boots will protect them for months at a time. It also is non-darkening like all of the Bickmore products mentioned so far.

If applying two or three products is to many then maybe Leather CPR is the right product for you. Leather CPR is an all in one conditioner and cleaner. It does a tremendous job at giving aged leather a new life and can be used on just about any leather product from boots to leather couches to leather jackets. It’s extremely versatile and worth every penny.

Another popular conditioner is Blackrock. Like Bick 4 its colorless and works on any colored leather providing a beautiful shine while nourishing, softening, and preserving the leather.

Finally there is Mink Oil. Another favorite, but be warned as Mink Oil has a tendency to darken most leathers as it softens and restores oils. It’s also a natural waterproofer making it a great all in one product.

Applying any of the above conditioners usually require 10-15 minutes at the most, a little elbow grease, and an old cloth. By spending the 10-15 minutes a couple times a year cleaning your boot, your boots could last you 10-15 years.

Ariat Freedom Collection

Ariat Freedom BootsThe brand new Freedom Collection from Ariat features a selection of men’s, women’s, and children’s western boots detailed with military themed stitching and digital camo print lining all to honor the men and women of our military.

With each purchase of these Ariat boots, Ariat will donate a portion of the proceeds to Path International Equine Services for Heroes, a non-profit providing equine-assisted activities and therapies to wounded veterans.

For more information about Path International visit Path International’s website. Visit our website for more information on the men’s Ariat Freedom Collection, women’s Ariat Freedom Collection, and children’s Ariat Freedom Collection.