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Alejandro – 2018 Brick and Mortar Special Horse

alejandro breyer horseA 2018 Brick and Mortar Special – Quantities are Limited

The Lusitano is one of history’s most elegant horses. They originated from horses bred on the Iberian Peninsula over 25,000 years ago. Today those horses have split into two breeds: the Andalusian (Spain) and Lusitano (Portugal).

Also known as the Puro Sangue Lusitano (which translates to “Pure Blood Lusitano“), the Lusitano is as sure-footed as it is noble in appearance. Naturally agile and intelligent, their conformation makes them well-suited to collection and impulsion. These skills were of great use over the course of history when they were mounts for soldiers and bullfighters. The breed still exhibits those same traits today, making Lusitanos ideal dressage and working equitation horses.

Alejandro is a fine example of the athletic Lusitano. With his pearly dapple grey coat and his luxurious mane and tail, he’s ready to turn some heads! This special limited edition is one of only 3,000 pieces, and is available only through your local Breyer retailer. Pick up your Alejandro Breyer Today (Sold Out) before they are gone.

Brute Ropes Available at Al-Bar Ranch

We are proud to announce Al-Bar Ranch now carries Brute Ropes!

Brute Ropes Display

What are Brute Ropes you ask?

Brute Ropes are “professional grade training ropes” designed and manufactured by Paul Lynch. Brute Ropes differ from your standard lead and lunge line as they are made from polyester rather than nylon. This difference allows the rope to not “bite” as it slides through your hand when training your horse.

Secondly, Brute Ropes use a hollow braid.  The hollow braid keeps the ropes from “locking up” by allowing a slight give when your horse pulls back. Even if the rope were to “lock up” it is unlikely to break as the 1/2″ diameter rope has an 8000lb test weight.

And the most impressive features of the ropes are it’s lightweight nature and the “action”. What I mean by “action” can be noticed the most with the lunge line. A light flick of the wrist and the Brute Rope lunge line will create motion all the way to the horse allowing for easy cues and instructions.

What kind of ropes are available?

We have several options available. We have the traditional Brute Rope leads (1/2″ rope and trigger snap) as well as their Big Brute lead (heavier 5/8″ rope and bull snap).

Also available is their 3/8″ 20ft lunge line and their 1/2″ 25ft lunge line. We believe you’ll see a huge difference between this lunge line compared to traditional nylon and cotton lunge lines. As mentioned earlier, the cues you give your horse when lunging with these lines will quickly get you the responses you want.

You’ll be able to see and feel the lightweight and softness of the roping and split reins. Several options in trailer ties, both long and short, are available. Finally you’ll be able to check out Brute Ropes portable cross ties which can be utilized just about anywhere.

We’d love to talk with you about Brute Ropes and even give you a quick demonstration next time you’re in the store.

Kodi – Breyer 2018 Flagship Model Horse

Kodi, a tribute to the American Paint Horse

We’ve got Kodi – Breyer’s 2018 Flagship Model Horse. Each year Breyer releases a special horse that is only available through Flagship stores. Kodi is this years Flagship model featuring an American Paint Horse.

Kodi is a Limited Edition Breyer Model that is sure to disappear quickly. Don’t miss out on this great looking model horse because once Kodi is gone, it will be gone for good.

Kodi Breyer Horse - Flagship ModelKodi Breyer Horse Back of Box

2018 WESA Market – We’re back & excited

We’re back from the Western & English Sales Association – WESA market! If you don’t follow our Instagram or Facebook pages you should seriously go take a look. There are lots of awesome things coming later this year and you can see sneak peeks from the market there!  We’ll continue to show off things over the next couple of weeks as well, so stay tuned there. Of course there was a lot to look at and ponder over the course of our four day trip, so lets start.

Boots – So Many Options

We spend an entire day looking at all the boot companies each year in Denver. This year was no different and we added Luchesse boots to that list. The prompting here came due to a few requests during the holidays and a survey we recently emailed.

While we believe Luchesse boots are extremely well crafted and use exquisite exotic and cowhide leathers, we cannot see adding their boots to our store. While this may be a bit disappointing for some of you we hope you can understand our decision; 1) Luchesse does not currently have a sales representative in this territory/region. 2) Luchesse’s requirements to become and remain a dealer were far above what we felt were attainable and maintainable from year-to-year. As always we will continue to listen to your feedback and requests and will always be open to reconsidering if things change.

Although we are not adding Luchesse, you will see lots of new boots for both men and women coming later this spring and summer (March – July) from Double H, Durango, Nocona, Tony Lama, Justin, Twisted X, and Ariat. This will include traditional leather boots, casual mocs, and exotic skin boots. Take a look at some of the options below that are coming.

(click each image to see each one larger)

Fall Jackets & Shirts

Besides spending our time looking at boots, we took the opportunity to see much of the fall’s apparel lines from Cinch and Wrangler. This includes both companies fall/winter jackets. Like 2017, Cinch’s bonded jacket is sure to be a favorite again with concealed carry styles for both men and women which includes new stitching color logo options in the basic black jacket and their new textured jackets.

We’re also very excited about some fun t-shirts and sweatshirts from FarmBoy/FarmGirl. 1) They are extremely comfortable shirts and 2) they have some rather comical sayings on them. We all chuckled at several of the styles our salesman showed! We hope you’ll find them as agreeable as we did. Several option are coming in March while the rest will be available this fall. Below are some of the caps they offer.

FarmBoy FarmGirl Caps at the WESA Market

Comparing Circle Y & American Saddlery

Finally, in December we sent out a short survey that provided some valuable feedback. It prompted us to take a look at new options in western tack. There seemed to be quite a bit of interest in American Saddlery via our survey. So, Saturday morning we spent some time browsing through the selection of items they were showcasing.

After browsing through American Saddlery’s options we were not impressed. We looked at several saddles options from American Saddlery and found their quality to be sub-par.  The components American Saddlery used look cheap while the leather on the saddles were roughly cut and unfinished. Secondly, American Saddlery’s saddle pricing was very similar to Circle Y’s, who we already carry. We didn’t feel we could justify bringing in what looked to be an inferior saddle at the same price of a Circle Y saddle, whom we already carry. The Circle Y saddles we viewed at the market and have had in the store offer a better leather and use better component. We’ll continue to carry Circle Y and have new options in saddles coming this spring; Barrel, All-Around, & Trail saddles should all be arriving by March.

(Please keep in mind, this is our opinion of what we saw at the market. American Saddlery may very well deliver a superior product than what was present, however without seeing better quality product in person it is hard to justify bringing in something new when we carry a product that consistently appears superior.)

Circle Y, Reinsman, Tucker, and High Horse Saddles at the Wesa Market

There are so many saddle options from Circle Y, Reinsman, Tucker, and High Horse!

New Western Saddle Line Coming – Great Quality, Even Better Price

However, we are adding a new line of western saddles from a company out of Pilot Point, Texas. They make all of their saddles here in the United States and build them on rawhide wrapped, wooden trees. It was their first time attending the market and we were amazed by the quality, especially for the price. We think you’ll be surprised and excited once they arrive this spring. For example you’re looking at quality saddle options around or under $1000!

We are very excited for the new items coming and hope you are too. Continue to watch our Facebook and Instagram pages to get a few other sneak peeks of things coming as well as when new product arrives in the store!

A Quick Side Note

Although WESA stands for Western & English Sales Association it is predominately a western show in Denver. Thus we did not have a chance to see any new English companies while there at the market. We will however be looking further at Ariat and Noble Outfitters as we see our salesmen in the coming months. As always we are open to suggestions on the English apparel you liked to see us carrying. Please let us know what you’d specifically like to see.

Hyndsight Vision: Seeing Everywhere

See everywhere with Hyndsight Vision. Hyndsight Vision provides you peace of mind wherever you go. It allows you to have a constant eye on our horse or family; whether at home or on the go you’ll always have 20/20 vision of what is going on.

Hyndsight Vision Logo

What is Hyndsight Vision?

Hyndsight is a portable wireless video monitoring system that can be mounted to several different surfaces. All of the cameras and monitors are water resistant and attach to several mount types with a sturdy 1/4″ – 20 thread stud. Most mounts offer several joints for adjustments, creating the perfect viewing angles for whatever you’re needing to keep an eye on.

Every camera and monitor operate via battery that can last anywhere from 4-8 hours. In each case you’ll find an included USB wall charger. If you require a longer charge, external battery packs can be purchased separately. Hard wiring kits and permanent mounts are also available. The hard wiring kits allow you to plug a USB cable into the charging port and have a constant charge, while permanent mounts are perfect for those locations you know you’ll always want to be watching.

Each camera and monitor includes an antenna allowing them to function up to 1/3 miles away (direct line of sight) – no bluetooth, no WiFi signal needed. Even better, you can pair up to four different cameras to a single monitor. (Below you can see what the monitor and camera looks like in box)

Hyndsight Camera and Monitor

Why Hyndsight Vision?

Hyndsight gives you an ever present set of eyes wherever you go. Being truly wireless makes Hyndsight perfect for taking from the barn to the trailer to the horse show.

You can find other “wireless” camera systems out there. However very few are truly wireless. As you can see in the video below, you can use the monitor a way to watch kids in the pool. It can be used as a back up system with your trailer, or as an every present set of eyes inside the trailer on a long haul.

Hyndsight is perfect for taking it anywhere you go. It’s revolutionary and is going to provide you the peace of mind of seeing where you cannot always be.

Open House – Noble Outfitters Specials

Our 43rd Annual Spring Open House sale is approaching quickly! Before we go into the specifics of the sale we wanted to highlight Noble Outfitters who will have a rep here on Saturday and Sunday to help showcase many of their products.

The first of Noble’s products we are highlighting are their Men’s All Around Distressed Havana Cowboy boots, – pictured below & available now – and their ladies All Around Dakota cowgirl boots, which will be arriving soon!  The All Around boots feature soft leathers, an extremely long lasting outsole with a wear guarantee, along with their ankle shield that eliminates rubbing on the outside/inside of your ankle!

The Noble Outfitters rep will be here both Saturday and Sunday to help you find the proper fit for these boots and their MUDS. MUDS are the perfect boot for gardening or mucking stalls. The great thing about MUDS is they come in both Men’s and Women’s sizes and are not uni-sexed.  Both Men’s and Women’s styles are perfect for most any weather, are waterproof, and offer great traction in almost any weather condition.

Throughout the sale weekend you’ll receive a free pair of Noble Outfitters socks just for trying on a pair of the NEW All Around Boots from Noble Outfitters. Even better if you purchase a pair of the NEW All Around Boots you can enter into a raffle to win a free boot bag from Noble Outfitters (bag pictured below) – $54.95 value! What’s not to love there!

But maybe you’re not looking for a pair of boots. Noble Outfitters also has plenty of other great products like their Wave Fork. Their Wave Fork is a great update to the standard pitch fork. Rather than the head of the fork being a solid piece, the Wave Fork uses individual tines that are removable/replaceable in case a tine were to break allowing you to continue to use the fork. Each Wave Fork comes with a five year guarantee. If a tine were to break within that 5 year guarantee, contact Noble Outfitters and they will mail you a replacement tine at no charge. Tines are available in a variety of colors – approximately 60 color combinations.

A favorite among horse lovers has been their grooming tote. It’s light weight, comes in a variety of colors and has a mesh bottom to allow dirt and dust to fall through keeping the bottom of tote from building up dirt.

We do have a few of their knives, bracelets, belts, and jackets as well. And if you spend at least $100 dollars total on any combination of Noble Outfitters products you’ll receive a free Noble Outfitters baseball cap.

While here over the sale weekend if you have questions on any of the the Noble Outfitter products feel free to ask any of us who are in the store regularly or the sales representative who will be here on Saturday and Sunday! And stay tuned for what coming with the sale!

Show Pen Trends

Each year trends in the show pen change and this year is no different. Toward the middle of January we got a chance to get our first look at what companies like Hobby Horse and Royal Highness are producing for the year.

Both show strong indications that vests and shirt combinations are back and in a big way. Both companies are offering several different colored vests and solid colored shirts that can easily be mixed and matched to meet whatever your needs.

Although vests and shirts combinations are coming back, traditional blouses have not disappeared. Several styles, colors, and designs will be available from Hobby Horse each offering lots of stretch and sparkle built directly into the material cutting down on glitter and sequins falling off with wear and wash.

With the popularity of Ranch Horse Shows growing Hobby Horse has also made sure to include blouses that are multi-functional in both traditional western pleasure and ranch horse. The Lana Blouse, available in Black, Sterling, and French Tan, is a solid color blouse with no added embellishments that can be worn plain or with a vest to create whatever look you need for whatever type of show you participate in.

Below is your first look at what has arrived or will soon be arriving from Hobby Horse. You can find all of our Women’s Hobby Horse show clothing on our website and the same goes for our Girl’s Hobby Horse show clothing along with prices and sizes available. Pictures of the Royal Highness items will be posted once they arrive.

What’s New this Spring?

Spring seems to be fast approaching as several companies are beginning to send out their spring shipment of goods, regardless of Punxsutawney Phil predicting 6 more weeks of winter. And to get you excited for spring, we are giving you a look at several items that have either just arrived or will be arriving soon. Don’t forget you can still find several items on sale that we talked about in our Winter Clearance post as we continue to make room for the rest of the new spring items to come.

As always let us know what you think of everything in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


2016/2017 Winter Turnout Blankets

Most of our winter blanket have arrived or will be arriving shortly. We wanted to put together a quick overview of what we have available this year. Take a look below and you can click on the images for more information.

Weatherbeeta Blankets


1200 Denier Ripstop Shell, 220 gram Insulation, Shoulder Gussets for Natural Movement, Adjustable Leg Straps, Low Cross Surcingles, Tail Flap Buckle Front Closures

1200 Denier Ripstop Shell, 220 gram Insulation, Single Buckle Front Closures, Low Cross Sursingles

1200 Denier Ripstop Shell, 220 gram Insulation, Single Buckle Front Closures, Low Cross Sursingles

The new color for this year in the Foal Blanket is the Hunter Green and Navy (pictured above) but we do still have the Navy with Red piping shown on our website from last year.

Pessoa Turnout Blankets

1200 Denier Shell, 300 gram Insulation, 420D quick drying Nylon lining,

1200 Denier Shell, 300 gram Insulation, 420D quick drying Nylon lining, two color choices (Black/Clay Plaid & Navy/Black Plaid), Shoulder Gussets for Natural Movement, Patented Exceler Closure System allowing for easy Closure

pessoa-1200d-black_clay-plaid-turnout-blanket              pessoa-turnout-blanket-1200d-navy-black-plaid

Saxon Turnout Blankets

600 Denier RipStop Shell, 180 gram Insulation, Adjustable Leg Straps, Twin Buckle Front Closure, Gussets for Natural Leg Movement

600 Denier RipStop Shell, 180 gram Insulation, Adjustable Leg Straps, Twin Buckle Front Closure, Gussets for Natural Leg Movement

Breyer 2016 Halloween Horse: Poltergeist Available Now

Breyer Poltergeist 2016 Halloween Horse 1763

Halloween has come a bit early from Breyer. We’ve just received our shipment of the 2016 Breyer Halloween Horse Poltergeist. Like previous models Poltergeist glows in the dark. Poltergeist features a skeleton holding onto the back of the horse that will glow along with the face, tail, and socks while the rest of the horse’s body disappears at night giving it a ghastly look.

A pasture gate mysteriously opens, as if unlatched by an unseen hand. The thunderous sound of invisible hooves approaching at a gallop breaks the midnight silence. There! Caught in the eerie Halloween moonlight you catch a glimpse of the Halloween horse, Poltergeist! Known for causing mischief, he runs across the open fields, with a glowing skeletal demon clinging to his back. His nostrils flared and his eyes fixed ahead, Poltergeist and his skeletal jockey tear through the night.

Wherever they go, they leave a trail of havoc in their wake. Opened pasture gates, downed fence posts, and barns full of horses let loose into the night are all their handiwork! This eerie 2016 Halloween stallion features unique pinto markings and a glowing white tail. A skeletal figure is stretched down the length of his back to come along for the ride! All of Poltergeist’s white markings, including the skeleton, glow in the dark! Original design by Cynthia Murphy

Quantities are limited.