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Breyer Bisbee Limited Edition Horse – Pre-Order

Pre-Order your Bisbee at

Turquoise is a natural stone that comes in many hues, and is traditionally found in southwestern jewelry and adornments. There are many varieties of turquoise, including the remarkable Bisbee turquoise that was found in Bisbee, Arizona.

Varying shades of blue are surrounded by a chocolate matrix, and often, copper veining that accents the stone’s color. Arizona’s Lavender Pit copper mine yielded a fine supply of this special Bisbee turquoise, which was highly sought after for its beauty. While this mine is now closed, Bisbee turquoise is still prized by collectors and artisans.

True to the natural stone that inspired her decoration, Bisbee has a unique speckled body color that mimics the gorgeous natural hues of turquoise. Her coat is accented by metallic copper veining that is the hallmark of Bisbee turquoise. Stunning from every angle, Breyer has indeed unearthed a rare beauty to be treasured!

*Please note Pre-Orders are charged at the time of purchase and will be shipped once the Bisbee model has arrived – approximately Mid-May. 

Alejandro – 2018 Brick and Mortar Special Horse

alejandro breyer horseA 2018 Brick and Mortar Special – Quantities are Limited

The Lusitano is one of history’s most elegant horses. They originated from horses bred on the Iberian Peninsula over 25,000 years ago. Today those horses have split into two breeds: the Andalusian (Spain) and Lusitano (Portugal).

Also known as the Puro Sangue Lusitano (which translates to “Pure Blood Lusitano“), the Lusitano is as sure-footed as it is noble in appearance. Naturally agile and intelligent, their conformation makes them well-suited to collection and impulsion. These skills were of great use over the course of history when they were mounts for soldiers and bullfighters. The breed still exhibits those same traits today, making Lusitanos ideal dressage and working equitation horses.

Alejandro is a fine example of the athletic Lusitano. With his pearly dapple grey coat and his luxurious mane and tail, he’s ready to turn some heads! This special limited edition is one of only 3,000 pieces, and is available only through your local Breyer retailer. Pick up your Alejandro Breyer Today (Sold Out) before they are gone.

Breyer Illumination Limited Edition Horse

Breyer Illumination Horse

Illumination a Spring Limited Edition Horse

Illumination was created by the artists at Breyer to be a beautiful ode to Americana! It celebrates your love for the American Mustang as well as love of firework or as they were first called “illuminations”.

This horse is scheduled to arrive in store soon and will be limited in quantity. As seen above only 3,000 pieces are being made and we are limited to 12 pieces. Do not miss out on your opportunity to purchase this beautiful horse from Breyer.

Updated 4/19/18 – Our allotted shipment of Illumination is spoken for at this time. Feel free to call and double check in case someone cancels a pre-order. We cannot guarantee that any will become available.

Breyer’s information on Illumination can be read below:

There is perhaps no better symbol of the American spirit than the mustang! Mustangs are a cherished part of America’s history, and are beloved for their beauty as well as their grit and resilience. In 1971, the United States Congress declared that “wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West.”

Another American favorite is fireworks! Fireworks have long been part of American celebrations. When colonists first traveled to the New World, they brought along fireworks – which at that time were called “illuminations.” Illuminations were even used to celebrate the very first anniversary of Independence Day, and have been used so ever since!

Kodi – Breyer 2018 Flagship Model Horse

Kodi, a tribute to the American Paint Horse

We’ve got Kodi – Breyer’s 2018 Flagship Model Horse. Each year Breyer releases a special horse that is only available through Flagship stores. Kodi is this years Flagship model featuring an American Paint Horse.

Kodi is a Limited Edition Breyer Model that is sure to disappear quickly. Don’t miss out on this great looking model horse because once Kodi is gone, it will be gone for good.

Kodi Breyer Horse - Flagship ModelKodi Breyer Horse Back of Box

Three New Breyer Horses Coming Soon

Update 12/11All are Sold OUT If you’re still interested we can add you to a waiting list but cannot guarantee you will receive a horse. To be added please send us a message through our contact page or via Facebook.

If you’re an avid collector of Breyer Horses then I’m sure you’ve already heard about the following three horses, but if not we’ve got an early look at them as well as your opportunity to pre-order them as quantities on all three will be limited. To pre-order click on the names of the horses above their pictures.

First, we start off with Breyer’s Halloween horse for 2017 – Calavera.

Breyer Calavera Halloween Horse 2017

Every fall, the Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) is observed in Latin America. While skull and skeleton imagery is prevalent, the holiday is anything but scary! Dia de Los Muertos is a time of celebration and remembrance, full of colorful festivals, music, and activities to honor those who have passed away. It’s a beautiful occasion where people choose to honor their deceased with joy instead of sorrow. Calavera is a colorful stallion named after the ornate sugar skulls that inspired his coat decorations. The colors used represent many elements of the Dia de los Muertos: pink for joy and celebration, purple for grief, white for purity and hope, and orange and yellow for the sun and marigolds (the flower of the dead). This limited-edition model has “Calavera 2017” written on his belly. Original design by Lauren Hoeffer.

The next one is a Brick and Mortar Exclusive Horse – Markus (limited to 3,000 pieces). – Sold Out

Markus Breyer Horse

Markus is a cross between a Black Forest Horse and a Shire. He is a dark liver chestnut with a distinctive flaxen mane and tail. Only available through Brick and Mortar Stores.

The final horse is a decorator model – Sugarmaple (limited to 3,000 pieces). – Sold Out

Sugarmaple Breyer Horse 1782

Every autumn, nature’s beauty is put on full display as the seasons change and green leaves on the trees give way to shades of yellow, gold, orange, and red. This season on vivid and joyous color inspired us to create a unique decorator model to enchant you the same way fall’s magic enchants each of us!

Sugarmaple is a celebration of all the splendor fall has to offer. He gets his name from the sugar maple tree, a maple variety known for its bright green leaves which turn spectacular shades of yellow, orange, and red in the autumn.

Sugarmaple is covered in a cascade of autumn-hues, with brilliant metallic gold leaves swirling about his coat. Captured in motion you can just picture him cantering through the woods at the pinnacle of leaf-peeping season. This stunning decorator model was created on clearware, which truly allows the seasonal colors of the leaves to shine through and be fully appreciated!

2017 Breyer Flagship Horse – Beachcomber

Beachcomber is Breyer’s Flagship Store model for 2017. Beachcomber is a Chincoteague Pony that calls Virginia’s Assateague Island it’s home.¬† This particular horse is limited to 3,000 pieces.

We also just received Bandera, a model the highlights Symbols of the West. It showcases several brands that are used throughout many of the Ranches of the West.

Breyer 2016 Halloween Horse: Poltergeist Available Now

Breyer Poltergeist 2016 Halloween Horse 1763

Halloween has come a bit early from Breyer. We’ve just received our shipment of the 2016 Breyer Halloween Horse Poltergeist. Like previous models Poltergeist glows in the dark. Poltergeist features a skeleton holding onto the back of the horse that will glow along with the face, tail, and socks while the rest of the horse’s body disappears at night giving it a ghastly look.

A pasture gate mysteriously opens, as if unlatched by an unseen hand. The thunderous sound of invisible hooves approaching at a gallop breaks the midnight silence. There! Caught in the eerie Halloween moonlight you catch a glimpse of the Halloween horse, Poltergeist! Known for causing mischief, he runs across the open fields, with a glowing skeletal demon clinging to his back. His nostrils flared and his eyes fixed ahead, Poltergeist and his skeletal jockey tear through the night.

Wherever they go, they leave a trail of havoc in their wake. Opened pasture gates, downed fence posts, and barns full of horses let loose into the night are all their handiwork!¬†This eerie 2016 Halloween stallion features unique pinto markings and a glowing white tail. A skeletal figure is stretched down the length of his back to come along for the ride! All of Poltergeist’s white markings, including the skeleton, glow in the dark! Original design by Cynthia Murphy

Quantities are limited.

Now Available Toro – Breyer Flagship Model

We just received our shipment of Breyer’s Toro Flagship Model Horse. Quantities are limited. Once we have sold through our shipment we will not be able to order more. Toro is priced at $59.99 and can be purchased through our website by clicking on the link above. Breyer description for the horse follows:

Mustangs embody the spirit of the American West. Toro is a blanket bucksking appaloosa-type mustang. The compact, hardy horses known for their stocky build, strong bones and hooves are well-suited for roaming the open range. Though the herds of wild horses are collectively called Mustangs, a term from the Spanish word for mesteno or monstenco which means wild or stray, they are not technically a breed.

Instead, mustangs are a mixture of many different breeds that have commingled over the past five centuries. Andalusian, Barbs, and Arabians brought to North America by the Spanish settlers in the 17th century provided the foundation for the modern day Mustang. As time passed, Mustangs also bread with a variety of other breeds, giving them a wide range of coloring, conformation and size. Unlike breed registries, Mustangs are identified by the region their herd lives in rather than genetics. Kiger mustangs are from the Kiger range in Oregon and the Sulphur Springs Mustangs originated in Sulphur Springs, Utah to name just a few. During the mid-1600’s, the entire Mustang population was estimated at between two and four million horses. As land has been converted from open range into ranch lands, housing developments or businesses, it has become difficult for the wild horses to survive. It’s estimated that only 50,000 wild horses remain.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is responsible for managing range lands, population control and the well-being of the wild herds, and it’s task has grown increasingly challenging. Fortunately for the mustangs, they have advocates like the National Mustang Association and other groups that have joined the fight to protect American’s wild horses.

Coming Soon: Breyer Patriot Limited Edition Horse

Update 2: Patriot is here! Those of you who have Pre-Ordered should be contacted soon with either tracking numbers or any other information we need from you. If you are still wanting to purchase a Patriot horse we do have a few left for purchase. Keep in mind quantities are limited and we will not be receiving any more.

Finally if you are interested we also just received Toro, a flagship model from Breyer. You can find out more about Toro here.

Update: We are still waiting on this horse. Breyer’s time line for April delivery appears to be a bit off. As soon as we see the horse we will post another update saying it is here! Breyer Patriot Limited Edition Horse

Coming soon! Breyer’s Patriot horse is a clear plastic horse with a patriotic theme of Red, White, and Blue with stars throughout the body of the model. Breyer’s description reads as follows:

On July 4, 1776, the American colonies celebrated their new-found independence from the British Empire. In celebration of Independence Day 2016, the master artists at Breyer have created a unique and beautiful decorative model in honor of the 240th anniversary of the first Independence Day! Taking his name from the brave American colonists who fought in the Revolutionary War against the British, Patriot is festively decorated in the colors of the American flag, complete with stars along his flanks and on his face. Not only is Patriot’s color symbolic of America, but his breed is too! The American Saddlebred is one of the nation’s first unique breeds of horse. Called the “American Horse” during the time of the American Revolution, the Saddlebred became popular mount for everyone from farmers to pioneers, and was the horse of choice for war generals Robert E. Lee (Traveller) and Ulysses S. Grant (Cincinatti)!

Breyer is wasting no time in making this horse available. We were recently told it should be available mid-April but the run on these horses are limited to 3000 pieces. We are offering a pre-order for this horse but are limited to 8 horses. Once these are gone we will not be able to fulfill any other orders. Price is $59.99.

If interested in pre-ordering Patriot please call us our contact us through our website.

Argyle – Breyer Spring Brick and Mortar Horse – SOLD OUT

Breyer Argyle Brick and Mortar Model Horse2015’s Spring Brick and Mortar Breyer Model Horse, Argyle, (SOLD OUT) is a dappled rose grey with three white socks and a grey mane and tail with white tips.

The back of the box reads:

Shires are among the largest of the draft breeds and are renowned for their size, strength and wonderful temperament. This beautiful Shire, sculpted by Breyer master sculptor Kathleen Moody, is a collector favorite! Argyle is a dappled rose grey with three white socks and a grey mane and tail with white tips. His sweet face has kind eyes, a white snip and a ‘kissy’ spot on his pink muzzle. His feathered hooves are shod with painted silver shoes. Shires were bred in England as working horses and were imported to the U.S. in the mid-1800s. Today, their numbers have dwindled since the rise of the industrial age and increased mechanization. The Shire is considered “at risk” by three conservation societies due to low population counts and they are primarily for farming and forestry, as well as recreational and promotional pursuits. Still, these giant horses continue to gain admiring fans thanks to their tractable nature and awe-inspiring size!

Argyle is available now on our website. Quantities are limited. We will not be able to order more once Argyle is gone.