Noble Equestrian Guardsman 4 in 1 Turnout Blanket System

Item # 75007

A revolution in the horse blanket industry, the new Noble Equestrian™ 4-in-1 Turnout Blanket System will change the way you think about Winter horse care. The removable and interchangeable insulation layering system consists of a 1000D ballistic polyester ripstop blanket cover and two weighted Inserts, for a total of four blanket weight combinations. Simply unzip the shell and insert up to two weights to adjust the blanket to your horse’s needs. The two insert weights provided are 150g and 250g.

The 4-in-1 Turnout Blanket is waterproof and breathable with fully taped seams. This innovative blanket features two front patent-pending 360 Quick Connect buckles on the front closure for added security on the interior of the blanket. Engineered with comfort collar and comfort withers with unique memory foam to contour and adapt to the neck for exact fit and comfort.

The Shell is ideal for cool or rainy weather. As conditions change, the Guardsman 4-in-1 Turnout System allows you to adjust the level of weather protection to keep your horse comfortable. When the temperature drops overnight, simply add an Insert to increase the warmth of the turnout. In the morning when the temperature starts to rise, quickly and easily remove the Insert. You’ll no longer need to buy, store, maintain and change multiple blankets. Save time, save money and save space with one turnout blanket that can cover all of your needs.

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