Montana Silversmiths Glacier Feather Bracelet

Item # BC4074RG

Silver artistry is exemplified within this two tone cuff bracelet. The scalloped edge bracelet has beautiful bright-cut engraving that flows down and around the main design element of a downwards facing curved horseshoe that has a delicate rose gold finished feather. One feather runs up each side of the horseshoe the rose gold finish starkly contrasted against the hand-painted black background. The feathers have extremely serrated sections of feathers each feather has a silver finished vein. The feathered horseshoe is mirrored on each side of the cuff and banded together with a line of bright cut silver, like a metal clasp. One size fits most.

99.9% fine silver and 18 karat rose gold plated over a brass base. Montana Armor protective finish to prevent tarnish. Paint.

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