Breyer Holstein Cow & Calf

Item # 1732

There is nothing like the wonder of observing an animal in its natural habitat or experiencing the joyful companionship of a beloved pet. The human connection to animals - whether through work or companionship - has persisted for thousands or years and has been celebrated through art, literature, and history. We have always had a special relationship to animals, along with a natural curiosity and intrigue that makes us want to know more. From the beginning it has been clear that animals have the ability to inspire something amazing in all of us. 

Breyer celebrates the animal kingdom and brings its beauty to life with its stunning models. Enjoy majestic horses, captivating wildlife, familiar farm animals and more. With molds sculpted by renowned animal artists, hand-painting and hand-finishing ensures that you receive models of the utmost quality and accuracy. True-to-life details on authentically scaled recreations of the world's most unique and beautiful animals make each piece a stunning addition to your collection. Friends and family alike will enjoy them for play and collecting alike! 

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